Chapter XXVII: To Safety and Beyond (1/14)Mature


The marbled halls were beginning to crumble. As Will sat on the dais in the grand but isolated room, feeling the tremors in the ground, he knew that something was happening outside. 

The walls rumbled like in an earthquake, and when he listened intently, he could hear voices he recognised, those of Taksony, Paradam and Anala, yet the hall was quiet and eerily empty, their words like words across the wind. Was this where Maga resided at all times? He'd never thought about where a soul would go when one already occupied the body. She'd said that it was one of her memories, formed in a deep part of his mind, one of the only memories she had, wandering in it all the time. Was it a happy memory, one of richness and prosperity, or was it a place of loneliness?

The rumbling grew louder, and pedestals began to shake. One fell and a vase smashed into floral pieces whilst pictures rocked back and forth on nails. Then, Will heard the voice travel softly and wearily to him.

 'It's your turn.'

With those words, the rose window exploded, shards flew everywhere and rained down upon him in pieces that captured the light like fragments of stars. He threw his arms over his head, shielded himself and waiting for the chaos to calm, the pieces chiming around him in a simple melody as they hit the floor. Suddenly, he felt a presence beside him, and felt light, young hands graze his back from behind.

'Go, Willow,' Maga whispered. Will wanted to turn his head to see her, but he was unable to move. 'And thank you.' She leant forward, Will felt curls tickle his cheek, then her lips, soft and delicate like rose petals. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was sitting propped up against someone in the bathing room. He regained his senses for a moment, then he felt pain shoot up his arm and he cried out.

The End

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