Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (18/18)Mature

'You insolent little brat!' he barked, 'I'll have your pretty little head on my wall!'

'I would prefer you didn't,' a voice said behind them, 'I invested a lot of money into that head.' Maga turned, the Sanctuary principal, Paradam stood in the doorway, wearing the same smile as his ward. He wore a pair of striped pyjamas, his fur-rimmed nightgown and a night cap, yet still somehow appeared menacing as he withdrew his wand and directed it over Will's shoulder at Taksony.

Taksony chuckled, 'do you think I'm worthy of fighting you? Please.' He raised his hand, and he was engulfed in white light, disappearing from their sights, but his powerful move in the small chamber made the walls shake, and a stalactite fell from the ceiling and crashed into a pool, splashing Anala to her distaste.

'He's still here, I can sense him,' said Paradam.

With Taksony gone, Maga felt strange, as if the strength of his magickal essence had sustained her. Now, she felt Will's legs going numb and fell to the floor, caught by Paradam just in time.

'Will, are you alright? Are you still with us?' 

Anala ran over to them and saw the path of blood in front of her. 'Uncle, he's hurt. Badly.'

'It's alright, Anala. Find Cargil quickly, and don't fight anybody, do you understand?' She nodded without protest, hurrying past them down the corridor. 'You'll be okay, Will,' Paradam said, holding Maga up as her head began to feel dizzy.

She tried to lift the uninjured hand, but it was unresponsive. My time is up. I enjoyed it. Thank you, Willow.

Maga murmured something, and Paradam bent his ear, 'what was that?'

She spoke more clearly, giving herself up to the darkness swarming around her, relinquishing the gift of life that she had been given so briefly.

'It's your turn.'

The End

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