Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (17/18)Mature

Taksony's upper lip curled. He stood and thrust open his cloak, drawing a sword from a leather scabbard at his hip. 'Do not challenge me!' he spat. 'You may have been invulnerable in your original form, but you inhabit the body of a child now. You can be killed!' 

Maga heard the sound of raised voices from the main cavern, turning away with curiosity at the wrong moment. Taksony swung the sword, and though Maga threw up a barrage of magickal essence to lessen the force, the blade cut deep into his forearm. Maga felt no pain, she wondered if it meant her control was fading, she felt her arm drop lifelessly to her side, nonetheless she glared at Taksony firmly as he withdrew. 

'You are strong,' Taksony mused, 'but you are limited by that body of flesh. Perhaps I should cut up Prince Avaric and set you free. I can chop away until there is nothing left, and then your most loved in the world would be no more.' Maga knew that fear had shown on her face, she cursed herself for such weakness. 'Did I hit a soft spot? It seems that six years in the head of a child has given you a heart. Such a shame, I do hate weapons with a conscience.'

Maga growled, 'you will be silent!' She raised her hand and send a wave of magick towards him, making him stumble back and hit the table at the centre of the pools, the jars and bottles rolling away and splashing into the water. She cursed to herself, she was half as powerful with her injury.

Taksony chuckled, 'you see? You are much weaker when emotions cloud your abilities. That is why I hoped you would simply be a power source, you would have been much easier to utilise.' Maga gripped her arm to stop the bleeding, she looked at her hand and saw blue blood stain her hand. The blood of a royal, she thought, of course. Blood threaded from the wound and dripped to the ground beside her. Taksony flicked his sword, sending blood splatter onto the walls and into the water. 'Of course, if you will not join us, then that means inhabiting a body advantages me. If he dies, so do you, so if you are so set on fighting against us, then I will simply have to exterminate you.'

'Trying to murder the prince?' said Maga, chuckling lowly, 'that is true debasement, you traitorous son of a bitch.' She'd never profaned before, it renewed her with new energy, increasing when Taksony's face contorted with indignation. He raised his sword and Maga serenaded him with blades of light, tearing through his cloak and scratching his body.

'Ah!' he screeched, 'I will see you confined for the rest of your life!'

Maga shrugged, 'been there, done that.' Taksony shrieked again and ran at her, his sword in the air, ready to strike when a piercing cry echoed through the tunnels. It came again, and then something flew down the corridor straight for him. Maga saw it was an eagle, beautiful and golden, a bejewelled pendant at its neck. It spread its wings and hovered above Taksony, opening its talons and grabbing hold of his sword, too powerful for him to resist. It sailed over his head, skimming the water as it began to transform back. The wings became a black cloak, the talons became fleshed hands, blonde curls shooting from its feathery head. Anala wasted no time in turning around ready to fight, the meat of her palms were bleeding from holding the blade, but she ignored the pain, clutching the sword and point it at Taksony, her hair tangled with golden feathers.

'Who and what are you?' asked Taksony, his voice filled with disdain.

Anala narrowed her gaze and grinned, 'Anala Paradam,' she said confidently, making a mocking curtsey. 'Level 'T' Shapeshifter and Editor of the Whizzper - here to kick your ass.'

The End

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