Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (16/18)Mature


Her battle against Taksony had driven her away from the main cavern and into the bathing room. She'd pursued him after he'd run - the coward - and the attendants squealed when they entered, running down the tight corridor to find another place to hide. The humidity of the room made it more difficult to breathe, Maga knew very little about how her possession of a Host worked, except that she should remain in constant control of her power, and the body given to her, if she was to avoid problems.

'I always knew we'd find you,' said the man named Taksony, smiling ebulliently. He made a sweeping bow to the floor, it was something Maga recognised, it caused fragments of sound to come to her ears, a chorus of cheers, 'hail, hail,' and a male's voice soothing her, as if to send her to sleep. 'I am honoured. The legends do not honour your powers enough, they are truly magnificent -,'

'You ought to avoid wagging your tongue so freely,' she said, it was difficult to adjust to her voice sounding as Willow's did, just as having a body again was. 'You may find one day that somebody chops it off.'

Taksony looked up, astonished. 'I - I only wish to pay tribute to you. I have endeavoured to find you, to ask you.' He held out his thin, scarred hand in a gesture of peace and friendship. 'Join with us, allow us to you use your power to accomplish our goal. You have seen the suffering your Host has been under, do you not wish to end that?'

'You were surprised,' Maga said smoothly, causing him further confusion. 'You were surprised when I appeared to have a mind of my own. You called me 'the Power' as if that was all I was. You did not intend to ask me to help you initially, you were going to control me. Such a magnificent weapon, how your eyes sparkled at the thought of wielding such a thing.'

'I - I admit to that, yes,' he said, 'but don't you see? This is so much better! Your Host need not have to die, we need not separate you at all, you could stay together forever.' Maga flinched, with Willow forever? 'In allying with you, we ally with the royal families! Can you not see that this union was meant to be?' He smiled dreamily, holding out his arms to her.

'All I see is a monster, hungry for power and domination.' She curled Will's fingers, power tingling throughout his limbs like energy. 'Of my past, I do not know much, but I remember tyrants such as yourself, and I remember my utter loathing for them.'

Taksony's eyes widened with fear, he took a step back. 'I am a friend to you, sorceress. No - a servant, a humble servant -,' he dropped to his knee and bowed his head, 'I exist only to help bring Maegard back into righteous light!'

'You know nothing of Light,' she said darkly. 'You know only suffering, and oppression. One who truly knows Light does not murder in its name as you have. You are a soldier for Chaos, the darkest and deadliest foe of all.'

'The ones who did this to you are the foes!' he protested. 'Don't you wish to know who made you this way? I can help you find the answers, together, we can bring justice!'

'I already know who did this to me,' she said confidently, 'likely the ancestor of the one who I have taken for Host, and the person who I love most in the world. If I still held hatred after so many years, do you not think I would have exacted revenge already?' She raised Will's arm, looking at the deep lines of his palm, stretching and contracting the fingers gently. 'This hand was likely formed with the blood of one who did me wrong, but the fault of the father does not lie with the son. Willow gave himself to me, to my spirit and my power, and I will not let his sacrifice go in vain!' She pointed accusingly at Taksony, a spark sizzling at her fingertip, 'I can move and breathe for the first in a very long time, and I will use this blessing to eliminate you!' 

The End

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