Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (15/18)Mature

Tayna laughed, and ran towards them, jumping over Sapphire and embracing the girls sitting on the floor with looks of joy and shock. 'I knew you were okay, I just knew it.

Carmen looked at her friend, she was wearing boots, dark leggings and armour disguised as a leather jacket, protective pads on the shoulders and elbows, metal plating in the lining of the chest, secured to her by sturdy buckles.

'How did you find us?' Carmen asked,

'That doesn't matter,' Tayna said seriously, shaking her head. 'We have to get you all out of here.' She grabbed their arms and stood them up.

'Will and Karn'el are still out there somewhere,' said Laguna,

'We know,' she nodded. 'We'll find them.'


Tayna ushered them to the front of the room, inconspicuously opening the drapes to give them a view through. There were professors all around, fighting off soldiers and guards in their masses, others freeing children from the cages and hurrying them through the cavern exit. Having not left their confines for a long time, the children gasped at the light, unable to straighten their backs as they were taken to safety. Carmen saw Erin fighting two guards at once, wielding two swords made from long, jagged fish spines, hooking them into their clothes and throwing them over the ledge. Conway held his arms out straight, any guards that ran at him were propelled back, hitting the walls with sickening snaps.

They were in the midst of a battle, yet Carmen couldn't stop smiling.

The End

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