Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (12/18)Mature


Carmen led trapped on the altar, watching her older brother with complete disbelief. She lifted her head to see, her neck aching, though it was difficult to see him behind the terrifying figure of the Master. She still felt delirious, her chest aching, her eardrums feeling as if they'd burst. She knew she could have been afraid for herself, but if what Will had said was true, there was no way that the Mastery be allowed to have the Power.

Even if it meant her sacrifice.

Now, she stared in fear as Willow spoke quietly to Taksony, she was terrified that he'd told the truth. She heard him, 'she's right here,' and she tried to protest, her 'no' coming out slurred.

But then, when Will looked up at them, he was different. His eyes were glowing, his hair on end as if caught in a light wind. Carmen didn't know what she was seeing, but she knew it wasn't her brother. It was somebody else. Could it be...

'What - what is this?' Taksony gasped,

Her brother spoke in a voice that wasn't his own, one which radiated power, deep with anger. 'This is me protecting the one I love.' Carmen suddenly realised her brother's plan; the soul of the Power was possessing him. The air suddenly grew thick and uncomfortable, making her breathing even more unsteady.

Will spread his hands, and surging from his fingertips came white light, shooting forth and hitting several of the soldiers around the cavern, some falling from the ledge to the lower floor, one being the guard restraining Laguna. He was struck in the shoulder, just avoiding her, and she jumped away quickly as he fell backwards, crumpling on the floor. It was impossible to tell if they were unconscious, dead or dying, they led unmoving around them. Taksony remained, and Sapphire ducked into the corner of the room to hide.

Will looked at his hands in astonishment, 'I can move again,' he said, flexing his fingers and admiring the flesh on his bones.

'Will!' Carmen shouted. He looked at her with his terrifying eyes, 'I - I can help you!' He stared at her, and she looked at him expectant of an answer, then she looked down at her wrists and ankles. She saw that her chains were growing red hot, the links growing soft. She tugged her chains and the links snapped, flying out with the released tension, hitting one guard on the leg and sending him to the floor, yelling out in pain.

Karn'el had backed away when he realised the chains were breaking, but he ran forward and hoisted Carmen into his arms. She still felt slightly weak, and felt exposed with her dress split up the middle. Still, she saw the guards calling for reinforcements, and recalled her Combat training from the Sanctuary. It was vague, but she remembered how to stand and how to form a fist, coming into play when a soldier ran at her. She jumped from her brother's arms and kicked out, landing a blow in the groin. He bent over, gasping in pain, then she kneed him in the chin and knocked him unconscious.

After his training on the cross-country team, Karn'el was much faster and agile than she was, she turned and saw that he was taking on two guards at once, taking a burning torch in one hand and using it like a club to hit them and set them alight. Carmen turned and saw Laguna slumped on the floor, she was uninjured, but still defenceless from the cantarella in her body.

Carmen ran and knelt over her. 'Come on,' she said, quickly putting Laguna's arm over her shoulders and pulling her up, headed for Sapphire's quarters into safety. She caught sight of Will, battling with Taksony, the Master was sending magickal enchantments of red, her brother deflecting them with white. Neither seemed to have an advantage, was it possible that they were of equal power?

She pressed onwards into the drapes, finding the split and pushing through into the room. 

The End

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