Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (11/18)Mature

Will came to a stop, he stood in complete darkness, no idea if there was anything above, below or around him. He looked down, and saw that he was floating, slowly dropping to the ground, a surface clear and reflective like glass. Beneath it swirled dark mist like turbulent waters, and he could feel it trembling with power beneath his feet. He bent down and saw his own reflection, alongside something sparkling above him. He looked up, a huge crystal chandelier had appeared, something which hadn't been there before.

'Maga?' he called out, his voice echoed, telling him that somewhere there was structure. Suddenly, a circle of light appeared above him, he saw that it was sunlight through an exquisite rose window, reflecting shards of pink, blue and orange around him, flooding the darkness with light and showing him where he stood.

It was a hall, huge and made from marble, the floor below him was tiled black and white, he could swear that real diamonds were set into the cross-sections. Great pillars held up a coffered, dome roof, and the room was circular. Expensive portraits lined the walls, antique vases and statuettes stood on pediments, and Will could see no visible door. At the end of the room was a dais, and a clean patch showing where a throne had once stood.

'Is this one of my memories?' Will asked aloud, he found it difficult to believe he had ever been somewhere so grand.

'No...' echoed a voice, its source was nowhere, and yet echoed as if it was everywhere. 'It's mine...' Will looked around, knowing the voice was Maga's, but he could find her nowhere. When he turned back around, something rested on the dais. It was a huge iron chest, large enough to fit somebody inside, and patterns were carved around the rim, the exact same designs that Will recognised from the book that Sapphire had shown him. Will had a sense he had to open it, hesitantly he climbed the dais.

He felt a force, something pushing him back, like the resistant ends of a magnet. He pushed forward, and the force melted away, allowing him forward to kneel in front of the chest. There were four huge padlocks around the edge, standing in his way of opening it.

How am I supposed to open it?

He reached out, and the moment he touched the chest, it began to glow with an inner heat, so hot that Will could feel the resonating warmth. He watched in wonder as it began to melt. It fell away, turning to red, molten iron and flowing towards him. But instead of touching him, it moved around him, encircling him and flowing down the dais and evaporating into the tiles. He looked, hoping to see the contents, finding only a bronze chest in front of him, chiselled with identical designs. He touched a finger to it, and it also melted away, the metal once again avoiding him. The chest below was wooden, smooth and greyish. He touched it, and instead of melting, it began to blacken like set fire to from within, thinning and crumbling away in front of him, ambers floating away into the air.

He thought it was over, and was displeased to find another chest, this one was off-white, made from either bone or ivory, and there was just a catch for Will to contend with. He flipped it back and found another chest, made of gold and silver, small enough so that he could pick it up. There was no lock, no designs, the surface swirled with the mixing metals, and when Will edged his fingers under the lid and peered inside, he gasped.

Flapping its delicate, silver wings was a butterfly, emitting a soft, beautiful glow. Will felt like he was being lulled by the soft, rowing of its wings, and he was transfixed as it flew up into the air, and the moment its dainty legs touched his hand, he felt as if he was floating, all of the weight in his body gone, and he realised like a voice whispering the answer in his ear, what was happening.

He was being possessed.

The End

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