Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (10/18)Mature

There is? What is it? Tell me. As he spoke with her, he pretended to struggle to breath, buying him time.

'Willow, before your mother died, she made me promise to protect you. She knew that I would choose you as the Host and didn't want you to be alone. Even though you never knew I was there, I have been ready to protect you when your life was in danger. In Vincula, when the prisoners began beating you, when Marinia and Valda Mellicit tried to harm you -'

All of that was you?

'Yes. What I am saying is that, I can control you. If just for a little while. It is exceedingly dangerous, but you cannot fight your way out of here. But I can. If you would trust me enough to -'

Do it.

'Willow, are you sure? There are risks, you could suffer afterwards, I may not be able to relinquish control -'

We have no choice. And if it'll save the others, even if I don't make it, that's alright. I just have to know they'll be safe. So do it, now, while you still can.

'You wear my patience thin, Willow Avaric,' said Taksony, veering down at him with annoyance. Will looked up at him, and balling his fists to scrape dirt into his palms, he slowly stood on shaking legs.

'You want to know where the Power is?' he asked, his head down, slowly releasing the dirt from his hands.

'Yes! Tell me!' Taksony exclaimed, his eyes hungry with delight.

'Right here,' he said darkly, he looked up and saw Taksony's eyes widen in shock, then he felt like his body was being dragged backwards into the darkness, he felt his limbs numb and his mind quieten...

The End

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