Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (9/18)Mature

Will felt like his ribcage was going to be broken apart, his eyes darted around the room, looking for something to save him from the awful decision. But there was nothing to help him, all he saw was Carmen, her chest bared and Sapphire standing over her with the hungry leech in hand, Karn'el and Laguna kicking and screaming to escape, and Taksony; smiling. 

'Willow...' Maga's voice came to him, saddened yet adamant, 'save your sister. Tell them, it will be alright.'

No, if they get a hold of you, they'll - they'll kill so many people...

'I have a will of my own, this much is clear. I will not let them use my abilities for such horrors. I promise you that.'

There has to be another way, Will thought, his mind racing, a third way. A way for us to get out of this. I - I can't do this. Please, help me. He had to make one sacrifice, either he lost his sister, not long after he'd found her again, or he lost Maga, not just a powerful weapon, but one of his greatest friends...

'Proceed.' Taksony waved his hand at Sapphire, and instead of playing her games of torture, placed the leech directly over Carmen's heart. She gasped as she felt the fangs dig into her breast, then shrieked -

'STOP!' Will screamed, though they didn't initially, 'please, stop! I'LL TELL YOU, JUSTSTOP IT!' he shouted over Carmen's screams. Eventually, Taksony snapped his fingers, Sapphire grabbed the leech and dug her nails into its side, causing it so much pain that it released, leaving Carmen panting and whimpering, a bleeding mark in a 'Y' shape over her heart.

Karn'el elbowed the guard holding him in the gut and ran over to his sister, nobody pulled him away as he turned her face to him. 'C, C, are you alright?' he asked, breathless with panic, 'Carmen, look at me, can you hear me?' She moved to raise her hand to him, but was too tightly held down to reach. Slowly, she nodded, and Karn'el knelt beside her, resting his head on the altar and breathing a sigh of relief.

'Release him,' ordered Taksony. The guard holding Will obeyed, and he crashed onto his knees, relieved that Carmen was safe. 'Where is she? Where is the Power?' he asked, standing over him.

I don't know what to do. If I could save you, I would, but I can't - and I don't know what to do. Maga, forgive me.

Her voice didn't come for a while, then, with curiosity she asked, 'would you do anything?'

Anything? Of - of course.

'It has to be anything. You must hold your word to that.'

Yes, anything. Anything that I could do to save you both, I'll do it.

'...then there may be a way.'

The End

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