Chapter XXVI: The Power Within (6/18)Mature

Will's eyes shot open as he returned to the present, all that he had seen passed in the span of a couple of seconds, but he took a deep gulp of air, feeling himself trembling. The Master that he remembered - the one he now knew had cursed him in the beginning, was fully turned to him, his eyes admirable and curious.

'So it is true,' he said musingly. 'You can remember parts of your past, simply triggered by familiar things. How...interesting.' Will just stood, quietly regaining his breath and watching the Master with a loathing that ached in his chest. The Master spread his hands and shrugged. 'Are you not going to say anything? I always thought we had a rather profound connection, you and I.' There was a tone of gaiety in his voice at all times, as if everything he said or did was a different move in an entertaining game.

Will eventually spoke. 'I want no connection to murderers.' The Master cocked his head to the side, his hair floating around his long, hollowed face, brushing around his muscular shoulders and his lean chest. He had some definition around his abdomen, his leggings low and showing some hip bone, he was at the point when his strength and looks would begin to decay, like hovering between states.

He sighed. 'Must you dwell on such things? I was hoping that we put the past behind us -,'

'You murdered my family!' Will shouted, the words spilling from his lips angrily. 'That is something I can never forget.'

He sighed again with an air of disappointment. He stepped towards Will, reaching for his cloak resting over the bed. He slipped it over his shoulders and left it open slightly, pulling his hair out from beneath. 'Indeed that was a...regrettable circumstance...'

'Regrettable?' he said quietly, clenching his fists. 

'Your family did not need to die. The loss of magi is a great loss to us, when matters drove us to the loss of a royal bloodline, all of us grieved. We are not your enemies.'

Will chuckled derisively, 'Sapphire said that, but somehow I have a hard time believing it.'

The Master smiled. 'You see, you are like your father. Even in the worst of situations, when you are completely at another's mercy, humour still finds its place.' His eyes narrowed slyly. 'He never begged for his life, your father. He was far too weak already, I could barely make out what he was saying.' He walked close enough so that Will could see he had a white scar across his cheek - the one Will had given him. 'I leaned in closer to him, and right before I slit his throat, he whispered, "my son will stop you." ' Will knew it was an attempt to anger him, and it was working. Will started forward, but Sapphire grabbed his shoulder, sending a strange sensation of weakness through him. The Master glared at her, and Will could feel her cower back. He smiled again. 'There it is, the wrath of a god within you. You should listen to it more, it will get you what you want.'

The End

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