Chapter XXV: Dum Spiro Spero (9/12)Mature

She took a steeling breath.

'Why go to such trouble, when there is a room already dressed, one I hope worthy of your habitation?' He didn't react angrily to her touch, her hand slid down to his and took it gently, pulling him slowly towards her quarters. She turned away gently, about to brush aside the drapery, when his grip tightened and he pulled her back, wedging her between himself and the wall.

'You do not control me,' he said coldly, 'are we in understanding?'

'Y - yes, Master,' she replied, staring directly across into his eyes.

He moved away slightly, taking his ageing hand and trailing it across her, beginning at her neck, down her chest, between her breasts, down, down. She made a short yip of surprise and he chuckled at her sadistically. 'I sense potential within you, Sapphire. From the moment I came across you, I knew you had the ability for greatness. My belief has even reached the ear of the Grand Master himself. Perhaps...' he moved closer, whispering at her ear, 'if you play your part, you may even be given an audience.'

His hand rose and snaked around her waist, pulling her against him tightly so they could feel each other's shape, close enough that he could hear the quickening of her pulse. He leaned in, and began gently kissing her neck, leaving a trail like a silken vine. Will watched his shoulders tense, and Sapphire's expression change to one of desperate composure.

Then, when he began running his hand down her arm, eager to pull down the fold of the nightgown, she tensed and held him back. Immediately, she looked at him apologetically, her chest hammering. 'If it is an important part to play,' she breathed, 'then let us waste no time on the final performance.' 

His hand in hers, she slid away from behind him, and pulled him gently into the quarters, the curtains closed on their activity from young and prying eyes.

Will's head pounded with questions and worry, he had no idea who's presence he had been in, or how important they truly were. Carmen looked at him with fear, but one that she knew she could do nothing to still. She crawled back to the recesses of the cell, curling up beside Karn'el, their legs nearly scissored together. Will retreated in the same way, yet he was alone in body, together with Maga only in mind. He felt an omen around him like a dark presence, and knew that the new day could not hold good prospects. 

He assigned himself to sleep, lying down in the dust and closing his eyes, trying not to listen.

It was hard not to.

The End

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