Chapter XXV: Dum Spiro Spero (8/12)Mature

'You were instructed with an important task,' he continued, his tone more private. 'You were charged with a mission that many in higher rank than you desired, yet we gave it to you given the...history you have with the Paradams and the Sanctuary. Still, a year on, and what do you have to show in return for our generosity?'

'Master, I feel as though we are getting close to success, if I had but a little longer -,'

'Every moment spent experimenting costs time and money. Soldiers were killed trying to obtain the incubi tissue, and in simply harvesting the hirudo. All you can offer us is a cell full of failed experiments, halfling children who can do little but wail and spit.'

Sapphire kept her head declined as she spoke, 'my heart aches to know I have displeased you.'

The Master made a few thoughtful noises, his gaze set on her. Confusion tried to surface on her face, but she wouldn't allow it. ' that what you desire? To please me?'

Realisation crossed her face, Will watched her transform from a cowering servant to a woman, one who knew all of her assets and what they could achieve. She smiled, her lips parted seductively. 'Yes, Master,' she purred, 'that, and power. I crave it more than you can ever know.' Reaching up to her chest, she slowly parted the folds of her gown, giving a tantalising display of curves and smooth flesh. 'My heart swells at future prospects,' she said, pressing a hand against her heart. 'I feel it, Master. I feel power in my grasp. All that is needed is a generous benefactor to spearhead my...elevation.'

'Elevation is given to one who offers results, Sapphire. You have none to show at this point.' His own voice was slow and desiring. 

She giggled lightly, 'that entirely depends on what results you base it upon. You'll find that, broadly, I have many talents, producing even bigger results.'

He stepped forward, and for a moment she seemed afraid. He continued until her back touched the wall, himself nearly touching her. She gulped as his breath curled against her bare skin, her hands flexing secretly at her sides. 'I would,' he said quietly, 'remain here tonight. The return journey would be perilous. You would see a room prepared for me...' he began to turn away, but she instinctively reached out and grabbed his arm. Immediately, she regretted such a bold move, he looked at her hand on him like it was a germ. There was no turning back.

The End

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