Chapter XXV: Dum Spiro Spero (4/12)Mature

Will explained as much as he could without overwhelming them. He told them about the first time he'd heard Maga's voice when they were hiding from the kappa, how he began to gather some of his memories, whilst Maga knew nothing of her past. They listened silently as he told his tale, their expressions unreadable. When he had finished, he waited for them to say something, looking for any sign of belief within them. They looked at him, each other, then into space, consulting over what to say, deciding whether or not they thought he was mad.

It was Laguna who spoke first. 'So I guess all those times I thought you were a really strong magus, it wasn''

'I suppose Maga influenced me,' he said. 'She's the sorceress after all, but I didn't know that at the time. I don't think either of us did.'

Carmen raised her hands to pause them. 'I'm sorry, but it's confusing when you call her Maga. You act as if she's a real person.'

'She is,' Will said, his sister looked sceptical, it didn't surprise him. His story strained credulity and sounded strange even coming from his lips. '...she was. She had an old life, but she doesn't remember it. Like us.'

'Well, what does she remember?' asked Karn'el,

'Dying,' Will said bluntly. 'I think our ancestors did something to her years ago, I think they wanted her power. And our mother and father...they released her. After that, she had to latch onto whatever body she could - me.' 

'But it could have been me or Karn'el, couldn't it?' Carmen looked afraid, as if she was imagining if she had been the Host, not Will.

'It was possible, we were all there, even if we can't remember it.'

Karn'el murmured something like he didn't want to remember. Whilst the twins contemplated their unknown pasts, it was Laguna who remained most composed. 'As glad as I am that Will's told us this, it still presents a big problem.' She looked at him gravely, 'they can't be allowed to find you. If the sorceress - if Maga - is as powerful as the legend says, letting the Mastery have her would be the worst thing we could possibly do.'

'But what else are we supposed to do?' asked Carmen. 'They'll just keep going through children until they find the Host. They'll turn them all into halflings, we know how relentless Sapphire is. And, whether or not we're royalty, we're under the most suspicion.'

'Carmen's right,' nodded Karn'el. 'There's no way we'll be able to escape on our own.' He turned to Laguna and Will, 'you're too weak from the poison, and you could probably get us out with Maga's power but -,'

'- but then they'd know for certain that you're the Host,' continued Carmen, finishing her brother's sentence in a perfectly twin way. 'They'd never leave you alone.'

'People have to be looking for us though,' said Will, hoping that Professor Hellshaw had delivered his information in time. 'And Andrel saw me being taken away, I don't think the Mastery were counting on there being a witness, and Sapphire was surprised that I knew about the watermarks, for all we know, we could be one step ahead -,'

'Be that as it may,' said Laguna, 'I think they want to move us to another headquarters. And if they move us far enough away -,'

'They'll never find us.' Carmen dropped her head, pulling her knees towards her and wringing her hands together.

They seemed to expel a kind of hopelessness that orbited around Will, but he refused to be affected by it. 'We can't think like that,' he said determinedly, 'we have to have faith that they'll find us.'

'Sorry, Will,' said Laguna, 'but faith is pretty hard to come by down here.' She slumped down on the ground bidding herself to sleep, Carmen and Karn'el sank against the bars tiredly. Will forced himself to sleep, alone with the thought that although his loved ones surrounded them, they were not as whole as they had once been.

The End

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