Chapter XXV: Dum Spiro Spero (2/12)Mature

The hours that Will spent with his siblings were strange and indescribable. Although he was elated to be reunited with them, for many months his dream had been to find them, now that had been fulfilled, he felt slightly indifferent. No matter where they were, they were lit up by happiness, they and Laguna spoke into the night whilst the others slept. It was dark except for the candle lanterns hung on hooks along the walls, flickering and casting long shadows. A guard would move in and out of sight around the cavern on patrol, and in their black hood and cloak, they seemed at one with the darkness.

'You don't remember anything about the past?' Will asked. It had become apparent that not only did Carmen and Karn'el know nothing about their father, it was new information hearing about the Evil Eye and being pursued by the Mastery six years prior. Not only did Will have to come to terms that he was somebody's brother, but that he was an elder brother. Watching Carmen and Karn'el hear about their past like it was a story, full of childish wonder and distance made them seem much more than a year younger.

'Seeing the Evil Eye made us feel like our brains were being clawed out,' explained Carmen, 'but we had no idea why. We thought there was something wrong with us. Since we both had it at the same time, we thought maybe it had something to do with telepathy, that it was just a coincidence.'

'So you say this Evil Eye affects Tayna too?' asked Laguna. She had finally found a use for her liquidation ability, she was able to pass through the bars of the cells, and was known for checking on each and every one of the prisoners. Now, she sat in Will's cell with him, lessening the isolation.

Will nodded, he didn't want to tell her the details of Tayna's past, but he told her that her foster family had been killed by the Mastery, that was sufficient. He turned back to Carmen and Karn'el. 'Have they been looking after you?'

Carmen scoffed, 'that depends. Does this count as looking after us?' She gestured all around her, at the filth, at her clothes, remnants of their school uniform, torn and battered with dust.

'I think he means Sapphire's little tea parties,' said Laguna,

'Oh, those. They're frequent enough, every few days, sometimes I think she likes to gloat about it, showing us how luxuriously she lives, telling us that we can have that too if we just co-operate. They'll treat Laguna better, and you, brother, you're royals, after all.'

'So are you,' Will retorted,

'Not as much as you,' said Karn'el, 'we can't control the Avaric element, all we can do is what Dad did, magi abilities. We're illegitimates, they'd never let us rule in your stead. They treat us well over this sorceress soul business, nothing else. You two, on the other hand, you're powerful allies.'

'And dangerous enemies,' added Carmen. 'The guards joke about it, but even they know you'll grow up, and then we're all in trouble...'

The End

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