Chapter XXV: Dum Spiro Spero (1/12)Mature


'Is it you?' she asked breathlessly, scrambling forward to get a better look at him. 'Are you really my brother?' She came as close as she could, staring intently at him, her shaking hands braced against the bars as if she wanted to get closer, even swipe at him to see if he was real. Her doe eyes, surrounded in freckles and dirt, centred on him. She gulped, wetting her throat, 'Willow?' 

Now Will saw her in front of him, not just locked in place in a sepia photograph, he saw how much of their mother was in her. She'd inherited small similarities, yet they were like the signature on a masterpiece, enhancing the already-enchanting. Although they didn't have the same hair or the same eyes, their faces were the same, they had the same button nose, and a mouth that was made to smile. Her hair was messy and voluminous, strands of her fringe growing over her eyes, and Will could judge that she would be petite if standing, and naturally slim.

Will beamed uncontrollably, 'I prefer Will actually.' Carmen giggled and burst into tears, throwing herself against the bars, her arms threading through and wrapping around him. He was pulled both against the bar, which dug between his arm, and Carmen. He put his hands on her back and squeezed her tightly, although she bore all the smells of imprisonment, her masses of hair smelt flowery, her neck perfumed. Did Sapphire treat them as well as they did Laguna? He hoped so, beneath his elation of reuniting with her, his heart ached knowing that he had found her in such a place.

Carmen continued to sob into his shoulder, her body had little strength and it was evident from the way she hung half-limp in her brother's embrace. She pulled away, touching his face, again reaffirming it wasn't a dream.

'You look like Dad,' she said, her voice and lip quivering,

Will looked at her inquisitively, 'you remember him?'

She shook her head, 'no.' She smiled, just as confused as he was, 'I just know.'

'You're really here, aren't you?' came a voice from behind, Will glanced up and realised that his brother had been watching all along. 'You're not just one of Sapphire's tricks.' Karn'el came forward, settling in the same light as his sister, it became clear that they were indeed twins. He had the same resemblance as their mother, with Carmen's hair and eye colour - something Will figured must have come from their father. The only difference was of course gender, and that Karn'el's hair was short and swept over his eyes. 

The twins took Will's hands and squeezed them tightly, their eyes tearing up in joy, unable to stop smiling. Finally, they didn't feel so alone.

The End

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