Chapter XXIV: The Butterfly and the Leech (7/11)Mature

 'You know nothing of what you speak,' she said furiously. 'I suffered as much as they did, I never knew what I was doing until it was too late. My life was perfect, only I didn't see it, I kept wanting more and more, so much that I thought I was willing to do anything to get it. So I watched everybody die, it was all on me, I knew that. I was lost afterwards, the guilt tore me apart, it took everything I had to face them again and beg for forgiveness! But what did they do?' Her fists clenched, her sharp nails cutting into her palms. 'They cast me out, they left me to die when they told me that their doors would always be open to me!'

'Not if you're the one to close it first,'

She laughed derisively, 'you know nothing. You would not dare question my choices if you knew where I had fallen, you have never been cast out. The Sanctuary welcomed you with open arms, and for all of your life you will be loved, as a man and a king. There is no hope left for me...'

'It's your own fault,' he retorted. 'You say you suffered and knew what you did was wrong, yet you stand here charged with killing again, and nothing's changed.'

'Oh, but it has. Those I am killing are vermin, that boy's touch sickened me, in fact, I'm glad he wasn't the Host. I would feel disgraced if the sorceress had attached herself to a mongrel human. If I were her, I would choose somebody destined for greatness, a powerful magus, a king amongst men.'

A smile rose to Will's lips, 'I suppose that's what separates you both.' He took a step towards her, resolute and determined. 'Listen to what I'm saying, for as long as I live, I vow that I will never help you to hurt anybody, magi, mystics or humans. And if I despise anybody enough to wish them dead; it would be you.'

Sapphire swallowed defeatedly, she tried to hide it, but she looked like her spirit had plunged, like all around her was ruined and she was all that was left standing. 'Then I suppose,' she said slowly, snapping her fingers, 'it would be pointless for you to share my hospitality.' Will felt warm light behind him, then the presence of three soldiers at his back. 'I still have hope that you will come around, my prince, but I fear my patience will run out before that happens. I think it best that you be alone with your thoughts, Willow.'

A soldier pressed a hand to Will's shoulder, reminding him that any struggle would be futile. But he didn't need to be reminded, because he wouldn't struggle. He jerked his shoulder, shaking the hand away. 'The best company I've had so far, Sapphire.' Will stood straight and looked at her with serenity and resolution, walking without hostility to his cell and feeling more like a prince in those moments than ever before.

The End

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