Chapter XXIV: The Butterfly and the Leech (6/11)Mature

'So if you succeeded,' said Will, 'why is Kaelin not as he was?'

'Because he is not the Host,' she explained. 'In theory, the creature will work on the Host because, in its basics, they have two souls, but one is not fully attached, the process would be simple. But for those who have only one soul, it is like ripping every nerve, every emotion from their body and leaving the shell. What is left exists, but it does not live, thus we call them halflings.'

'You took away his soul,' said Will, sickened by her calm manner. 'You keep explaining what you've done, ripping away everything that he is, but I refuse to believe you don't care. How could anybody with any humanity left?'

Sapphire smiled sadly and shook her head, 'I gave up almost everything to be here, Will, everything and everyone I loved, perhaps in the process I left my humanity behind as well. Life is easier when you don't care, Will, I would have thought you'd learnt that from the tales of your ancestors. Their humanity and their feelings caused them to turn against one another, it drove them to self-destruction. If they had remained as simply gods and goddesses, the Days of Darkness, all of that bloodshed, would never have happened.'

'I'd rather die feeling something than live forever cold,' said Will, the words spilt from his lips and he knew their truth. He narrowed his eyes on Sapphire and she looked affected, stung by his hatred. 'But how would you know, did you ever feel anything in the first place? Did you feel anything when you betrayed your own kind, when you burnt your own home to the ground?'

Of all the questions, Sapphire hadn't expected them, and she showed a vulnerability that gave a glimpse of more beauty than could ever be seen on the outside. 'I didn't -,'

'I thought for a moment that your crime might have changed you, but now I see it's just hardened your heart. You feel just as little as you did when you watched your people burn, you deserved to be banished -,'

Just as she had earlier, Sapphire reached out and struck him, he toppled over, his skin stinging. She stood over him, looking terrifying with finger strokes across her face in blood, and darkness dancing in her eyes.

The End

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