Chapter XXIV: The Butterfly and the Leech (4/11)Mature

After a while longer, Kaelin seemed to forget how to scream, his voice slurred and his body ceased to move except for the twitch of a tethered foot in short spasms. The creature had grown fatter, gorged on blood, and suddenly, it began to glow. It was like a light from within it, turning its flesh from black to mottled green, seeing this, Sapphire's smile rose to a grin. Then, it released, spreading out like in exhaustion, and Kaelin's head relaxed, lolling to the side, completely unmoving. There was a moment of maddening silence broken only by Will's heavy, muffled breathing. 

Sapphire pulled the creature away, remaining on Kaelin's chest was a deep Y-shaped wound, bright pink and still welling with blood. 'This is it,' Sapphire said to herself, disbelieving as she clutched the glowing creature, 'we've found -,' she was cut off by the creature's piercing shriek as it wriggled desperately. Suddenly it began to expand, bubbling and swelling like a toad's throat; before exploding.

Blood sprayed out like a fountain, splattering Sapphire, the floor, droplets even caught on Will's cheek, it took a lot for him not to vomit; he was wearing another boy's blood. Remaining in Sapphire's hand were shreds of rubbery skin and blackened organs, but perched on top was a small white butterfly. It shone dimly, yet beautifully with the same glow from within the creature, it spread its wings and rowed through the air before exploding as well, shattering like glass into flecks of light.

'How inconvenient,' Sapphire murmured, reaching into her cleavage and pulling out a piece of skin. She threw the rest of the entrails behind her, catching an unsuspecting guard who flailed to shake it off. 'Another failure,' she added, her voice rife with disappointment and beneath that, fear. She turned on her heels, trying to walk as confidently as before when her dress wasn't ruined and splattered dark red. 'Take the boy, put him with the other halflings.' The guards moved immediately, removing the fetters. Kaelin was still alive, his chest moved up and down peacefully, but his limbs were lifeless, his eyes glassy as he was tossed over a guard's shoulder and carried away. Sapphire flicked her hair off of her shoulder with bloodied fingers and disappeared into her quarters.

'Dear, dear, what a shame,' mocked the one entrapping Will. Anger bubbled inside him, he opened his mouth and bit down, hard, on his fingers. The soldier wailed and released him, Will's knees were still weak and he fell to the ground, but seizing his opportunity, delivered a quick elbow to the gonads, sending the tyrant clattering to the ground. His chest heaved, and whilst a portion of him wanted to break down in tears, the majority of him was filled with white, liquid anger. He rose to his feet and chased Sapphire into the room, unable to push away memories that he wished he didn't have.

The End

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