Chapter XXIII: The Siblings and the Sapphire (6/9)Mature

When Will's eyes opened, he realised he was in Sapphire's bed. The silk was cold and soothing on his skin, pillows swarmed him, the drapes were closed and the room was dark. For a moment, he wanted to lie there and return to his dreams, but the gravity of his situation suddenly hit him. He looked around briskly, the fire was extinguished and the room was empty, he was alone as he sat up. He felt the cold air on his shoulders and realised that his shirt and blazer had been removed. His trousers had been cut up to the knee, so he remained in a pair of shorts and a vest. Sapphire's sleep magick left his body feeling heavy, he slipped out from under the covers and saw his leg had been bandaged tightly.

Sapphire was the one person he couldn't figure out, it had been easy for him to decide who was bad and who was good, but he couldn't decide with her. She was involved with the carriers of the Evil Eye and didn't hesitate to inflict suffering on humanity, but there was something that he sensed, that somewhere deep down, even if she hid it, she cared. 

Carmen and Karn'el, I have to find them. He stood up quickly, ignoring the head-rush and headed for the doorway, but the drapes slid open and Sapphire appeared in front of him. Will stumbled backwards and she smiled with amusement.

'You're awake,' she said, 'I trust you slept well.' She snapped her fingers and around the room, oil lamps flared to life. Will saw that she was wearing a new outfit, a strapless bue dress with a silk shoulder cape. Was it a new day?

'No thanks to you,' Will said curtly, keeping a distance between them.

'You were giving me a headache,' she explained lackadaisically. 'Besides, don't they say a growing boy needs his rest?'

'What time is it?' he demanded,

Sapphire crossed the room to her bookshelf, 'morning, afternoon, evening. I lose track of time, I haven't been to the surface in quite a while, thus why I dress up for the men down here.' She picked up the same red leather book she'd had before, 'now, what I want to know is whether you've agreed to side with us.'

'A few hours of sleep won't convince me,' he said adamantly, 'nothing will.'

'I don't believe that, in fact, I think that after I tell you what you need to hear, you'll think very differently.' With an elegant finger, she beckoned him forward. Like a puppet on a string, he hesitantly waked over. 

The End

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