Chapter XXIII: The Siblings and the Sapphire (5/9)Mature

'I have told you, we are not your enemies,' Sapphire persisted. 'We kept them from you, and all the while our spies were in the walls, searching for those who may have what we wanted.'

'The watermarks in the newsletters,' said Will,

She smiled and tiredly rested her cheek in her hand. 'My spy used it to send us a message, all that was left was the collection. Sadly, however...each of our ventures failed, and we still have not found what we seek.'

'And what is it you seek?'

Sapphire shook her head, 'I can't reveal everything, that would take away the surprise.' Will's fists clenched, Sapphire acted as if they were in a game of secrets.

'So what do I have to do with all your plans?'

She sat up straight and looked at him with seriousness, 'the remaining Avaric descendants are of great interest to us all. It was easy enough to acquire your brother and sister, you know. They clearly didn't know the rules about talking to strangers, they were very welcoming to me, especially when I told them that I could reunite you.'

'You tricked them...'

'Not trick, you will be reunited soon, just not yet. The three of you made a rare achievement, not many are able to escape from us. However, it worked for our benefit, now our desires may be fulfilled, we will restore the Realm to its former glory - and the royal families will lead us.'

The royal families? Again, Will remembered the Raido clan and how he and his friends were forced to hide their identities. The royals were expected to wage a war against humanity, but the thought made his blood run cold, and he couldn't lead on Sapphire that it would ever be possible.

'You're insane,' he said coldly. Her smile dropped and she glared at him,

'We are trying to create a perfect world for you to rule over. Isn't that what you want? To rule in a world where we can be proud and open about our magickal talents, where it won't get us persecuted and killed? Mothers used to celebrate when their children were Gifted, now they panic, shut the door and keep it secret.'

'I don't want that if innocent people have died for it -,'

'They're humans! They are not innocent! They are jealous and intolerant of our powers, so choose to eliminate us. Sacrifices must be made!'

'You can't force us to join you, and we won't!'

Sapphire launched from her seat, angry and bright-eyed, 'you are a fool, my young prince, more than that, you are a child. You believe that this world can be pacified, but those times are long gone. We will never allow the royal families to be harmed, and especially not join the likes of the humans!'

'You don't control me!' Will exclaimed, rising from his seat and standing against her. 'You took me here and now you're trying to be nice to me, but I know the truth. You murdered my family and countless others, I will never join -,'

Sapphire grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him towards her. He fought against her but she was surprisingly strong, she put her other hand over his eyes, and Will felt a sudden drowsiness which caused him to sway and stumble. He felt like his mind and body had been separated, as if he was floating away, falling into Sapphire's arms.

'Sleep well, my prince,' he heard her say, just as the darkness rushed over him.

The End

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