Chapter XXII: Ostara Investigations (11/11)Mature

When he knew they were gone, Will expelled the breath he had held in, with it all of his restraint towards his pain, letting out another screech.

It felt like his heart was beating so fast it had nearly broken out from his chest. He dared not look at his leg, he knew by the needles of agony and the loss of feeling in his foot that the bone had been displaced. Tears stained his cheeks as fear and pain overwhelmed him. He tried to imagine he was back at the Sanctuary, Andrel was unharmed, Tayna and Sayara were still dancing, nothing was wrong. 

But this did no good, it wasn't real, he couldn't will himself to be somewhere and get there, he forced himself to grapple with the fact he was alone in an underground tunnel with a group of murderers and sadists. He wondered if Tayna had been alerted, whether she had worked out where he was and they were using all of the evidence to investigate his disappearance like he wished they had for Carmen and Karn'el.

'Help...' Will whispered desperately. He was amongst those who had murdered his family, did they intend to kill him too? The mysterious woman had said she wouldn't, she had been in a dream, it could have all been a lie. 

I could die today...without ever finding them...without ever knowing why...

Perhaps it wasn't the idea of dying itself that terrified him, it was how and when. At any moment, somebody could race through the tunnel and slit his throat, he would be none the wiser, or he could be left to bleed to death with his strength deteriorating until he couldn't feel enough pain to feel alive.

Suddenly, from the lit end of the tunnel, a shadow began to appear, the owner seemed slim and curvacious, footsteps echoing towards him. Will wanted to assemble himself, but he couldn't. He sat slumped on the ground with a tear-stained face and a snapped leg, unable to run from whoever was approaching. The shadow came even closer, and just as their figure was visible, glittering and gorgeous, their shadow reached across him like a creature of Darkness caressing him with their spindly hands.

The End

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