Chapter XXII: Ostara Investigations (10/11)Mature

Sickness and disconcertion returned to Will just as his consciousness did. His eyelids felt made of stone and he opened his eyes with some difficulty, gathering his senses to figure out where he was. It was easy enough to deduce that he was being carried, thrust over on of the attacker's shoulders like a holdall, his body jumping with each rise and fall of his feet.

His hearing was muffled and he couldn't decipher the men's conversation, as he breathed in he felt the air as full of dust, humid and cloying. The ground below him was dusty and earthen, clouds risen by footfalls choked him, yet in places the ground was built with stone, it looked as if a construction half accomplished. They stopped and Will fell from the shoulder onto the ground with a hard knock against a cavernous wall.

He bit back a painful gasp made by the jolt up his spine, he didn't want them to know his discomfort as the three of them stood in front of him observingly, though Will kept his head down as usual.

'Well, he didn't put up much of a fight,' said one,

'That's because he's just a kid,' said another. Their voices echoed, avoiding looking at them, Will tried to see more of where he was. He saw that he was in a tunnel, long and narrow, lit by distant, artificial light around the corner.

'Wha-dyu-wan-fro-me?' Will asked, his voice slurred and barely discernible, yet enough for the men to understand.

'Not us, but our...boss,' answered one with some amusement, 'they wanted us to collect you, and we obeyed. They'll wake up soon, when they do, you'll be the little present on the doorstep. However...just in case you try and escape...'

Will didn't fully understand what had happened when it did, it was a slow shock to his system. He had seen the captor's heavy boot rise and fall towards his leg, felt the pressure of the meeting, and didn't feel anything for a few seconds. Suddenly, the pain spasmed in him and he screamed, his voice ringing out. He felt the colour and health drain from his cheeks, and heat surged through him, droplets of sweat beading on his forehead. He felt metal on his tongue in the moment before sickness, but forced it back, controlling himself in deep, gasping breaths.

The captors chuckled, the one pulled away his foot and they all turned down the tunnel towards the light. 'See you later, son,' the third called, Will watched as their shadows grew long and thin before disappearing altogether around the corner.

The End

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