Chapter XXII: Ostara Investigations (4/11)Mature

'We tell Paradam,' Tayna said without hesitation. 'We have to, he can do something. Maybe he knows none of this, maybe he knows most of it, but I'm sure we must have discovered something that will help him find the students.'

'I wish I could do something,' he murmured. She propped up her arm on the mound, reclining beside him but fidgeting to get comfortable. 'We relied on the professors for over a year, and they've done nothing,'

'You don't know that, they might have made a lot of progress. Just...we'll tell Paradam... wait,' she sat up abruptly and listened. Several panes in the glass roof had been opened, letting in the sound of instruments being tuned and conversations outside growing louder. 'Shoot!' she jumped up athletically, 'the Ostara sorority thing, I completely forgot, I'm going to be late. I promised Sayara she could do my hair and -ugh,'

'Wait, you're not leaving, are you? After all that we've found out,'

'I - I can't miss this party, the nymphs invited me over a month ago, me, Sayara and the Twins are special guests.' The party was reserved for girls only, as dictated by the festival's matriarchal traditions, a party with boys and girls had already taken place two days earlier.

'The longer we spend partying and mingling, the worse it could be getting for Carmen and Karn'el!'

'Uh - okay, just -,' she said, frantically grabbing all of the papers and shoving them into her bag alongside her belongings, 'you tell Paradam on your own, take all the evidence and see him now.'

'This is important,Tayna,'

'And so is this,' she replied hotly, spinning around to stare down at him, 'believe it or not, but I take things like this seriously. My ancestors did too, they're important to me. Look, I can't talk about this, go to Paradam.' In a flurry, she swung her bag onto her shoulder and hurried down the stairs, her voice echoing as she hurried away, 'we'll find them, Will, I promise!'

The End

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