Chapter XXII: Ostara Investigations (2/11)Mature

She grunted and led down in frustration, 'I know there's a connection, we just haven't found it yet, and it sucks.' She rolled over, reaching into her bag and pulling out a large file full of papers. 'I brought clippings of the school newsletter, I made a reference to any of the kidnap victims, these are what came up.

'Wait, we have a newsletter?' Will asked curiously,

'Of course we do, it's call the 'Wizard Whisper', but everybody calls it the Whizzper for short. I thought you would have known, seeing as you know Anala sort of well.'

'What's Anala got to do with it?'

In answer, Tayna handed him the opening page of the newsletter, which read:

The Wizard Whisper

OR The Whizzper

 The Official Newsletter of The Sanctuary

Editor and Head Reporter: Anala Paradam


'Anala's the editor?' Will said, 'I always knew she was ambitious -,'

Tayna laughed, 'oh please, she just likes bossing people around and telling us juicy secrets and information. So, back to to the newsletters, they're monthly, so I went all the way back to when Almara started here, that was at least three years ago. There has to be something in all of these.'

'Did you say she was married to a knight?'

'That's right,' she explained, 'she likes to think that she's a revolutionary role model for breaking out of the ditsy noble stereotypes. She never mentions that she relies on her husband to fund everything she does. Still...I have to give her credit, she graduated from Caelbrich top of her class.'

'So she was clever, is that all -,' the idea hit him in a torrent of jumbled thoughts, and the words stumbled from his mouth frantically, 'Tayna, reference academic achievements in the newsletters,'

'Wait, what -,'

'Just do it,' he seethed. Looking hurt, Tayna spread the papers out in front of them and made the reference. They stared in amazement as articles and photographs lit up in gold, and as they gazed across them, they saw the names of the kidnap victims highlighted as well.

'We found it,' said Tayna, breathless with awe, 'that's the connection, it had nothing to do with if they were friends or not, they've all excelled in subjects!' Beaming, she grabbed an article detailing the centaurs Asendro and Rameera in their cross-country championships. Will scanned across the pages, until one photograph caught his eye, one that drew him in without explanation, and as he picked up the article and looked closer, he realised that he was looking at his little brother and sister.

He'd seen glimpses of them in his memories, but now he saw them wholly and together.  The photograph was black and white, but he remembered from his memories the colour of their hair, a rusty, coppery colour. Carmen's hair was long and straight, a fringe framing her face, and she wore a smile that looked permanent and perfect on her delicate, mousy features.

As for Karn'el, he looked cool and collected, his hair was purposely tousled and spiked, he wore a mocking pout like sulky editorial models. Will chuckled, feeling joyous as he saw how happy they both looked, despite the known tragedy that had befallen them all.

Then, Will saw that Carmen and Karn'el, though they had different styles, they had the same features, they had the same hair, they were the same height, they were -

'Twins,' Will gasped, 'they're twins.'

The End

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