Chapter XXII: Ostara Investigations (1/11)Mature


Once the worst of Winter had passed, Spring bloomed quickly, all traces of snow had been eradicated by early February and the children were eager to experience the fresh outdoors as much as possible. The fae made sure that flowers were blooming beautifully, and everything became so idyllic that it was easy for Will to forget the frightening matters shadowing him.

He and Tayna secretly acknowledged to each other the urgency to investigate the Evil Eye and its carriers, however the priorities of school life and the presence of their friends made it difficult for them to do so. In lessons, Will felt himself growing stronger and more confident in his lessons. He was able to memorise more spells and techniques, he remained at a high standard in Duelling class, and even in the Elemental lessons, he felt as if he and Sayara were attuned to working together much better.

Their chance for solid investigation finally came alongside the spring Ostara break, a free week to celebrate another religious holiday. Not as many children left for home as they had at Yule, but the lack of lessons and variety of creative activities gave Tayna and Will the opportunity to sneak away to The Attic with books full of information. On Sunday, the final day of the holidays, most children were helping to set up for Ostara celebrations, but they both hid away at the top of the Draíochta tower. 

Tayna flicked through the book 'Symbols - the Language of Society' whilst Will looked through the student files which they had illegally duplicated from the library archives. They were following the theory that the carriers of the Evil Eye were also the kidnappers, it was a hunch, but they had been unable to find any strong evidence. It had been surprisingly easy to gain the student files, with such pleasant weather barely anybody occupied the warm and musty library. Whilst Will had distracted the librarian, Tayna had snuck behind her desk and copied the files, leaving no sign of foul play except for a trace of magickal essence.

'Don't you think the kidnapping method's a little strange?' Will asked, breaking the silence. Tayna sat opposite him, a white cardigan tossed over her shoulders and her hair in two bunches tied with white ribbon. She sat with the symbology book on her raised knee, reading and scrolling notes with a bejewelled fountain pen.

'What do you mean?' she asked. She closed her book and nudged her way across the floor to sit beside him against a mound of pillows and cushions.

'Well, I've been looking at all the student files, and then the ways they were all kidnapped, and they're so...random. One centaur was kidnapped during a run, Lady Almara in the hospital ward, and Laguna was dragged down in the Lake. They all seem like they're done by different people.'

'But we know that's not true,' she said, 'they have to be the same people, they might even be the murderers -,'

'I'm not sure about that anymore, I mean, what motive could they have? They seem to prize the Elementals, the only person that makes sense if it was them would be Laguna.'

Tayna sighed, reaching forward to the pile of papers Will had accumulated. 'You looked at their genealogies?'

He shrugged, 'there's no connection between the students. I wondered if there was a family feud in the past that might link them. But there's nothing.'

Tayna grunted in frustration and sank down further into the cushions.

The End

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