Chapter XXI: The Nightmare Man (7/13)Mature

'Not kill you, never,' she answered, shaking her head adamantly. 'You are of great value -,'

'So why did you kill my family?' Will felt white rage in his heart, unable to contain, 'is it you? Are you responsible for kidnapping the students - MY BROTHER AND SISTER?'

She didn't give him an answer, she only continued to smile and said, 'come to our side and we will tell you everything.' The thought had barely occurred to him - they kidnapped the students - but was it possible? It hadn't been denied, could these murderers have truly returned? Will's head jerked up as he realised she was on the move again, this time she moved towards him, cutting through the smoke and the fire which surrounded them, but seemed unable to do them harm.

'And why do you blame us for their deaths, Willow? After all, it was your fault.'

'My - my fault?'

'You ran, Willow. Did you not understand that? You ran away from your family when they needed you most, they were dying, and you fled for your own life.'

No, I ran for them, for Carmen and Karn'el, Mother told me to...

'You're wrong,' Will shook his head, 'there was nothing I could -,'

'Do you truly believe that?' She sounded angry, chastising, what right did she have? 'It calms you to sleep, I suppose, to fool yourself into thinking what you did was noble. But it was cowardice, and you know this,'

'No - no, that's not -,'

'More importantly, Willow,' her voice lowered to a whisper, secret words concealed from nobody else, 'you ran from us. Did you really think you could do that, did you think we wouldn't find you? The eye sees it all, it is everywhere, we watch them all like little ants at our feet, it is sacrilege that you remain down there with them. Tell us where you are,and we shall save you.'

Will smiled, her lips tilted with anxiety, 'I thought you said you knew where I was?'

'I - we do -,'

'No, you don't,' Will said, revelling in the realisation that he had not been outsmarted, 'if you can see us and you want us so bad, why haven't you come already?' She tried to speak, but he wouldn't give her the chance, 'whatever this Evil Eye curse is, it only lets you haunt me, doesn't it?' He took a step forward, she one back, and another. The fire pressed back for them, refusing to touch them. 'You don't know where I am, you thought you could trick me. Get inside my mind like suckling information...but it didn't work.'

'Your mind is strong,' she admitted, tripping backwards and falling against a wooden pillar of the room, she gripped it tightly, her knuckles whitening behind her back. The flames that tickled the edge of her cloak quickly extinguished themselves. 'It should be weak from the tampering done to it, instead there are chambers, locked rooms full of secrets. Some are loosening, yet I sense...they are being reinforced - how is this possible?' She now sounded frantic, barely resembling her former, collected self.

Maga, Will knew she have must been responsible, who else could have had such power within his mind? It was where she resided after all, and he felt like she had been prone to protecting him before.

'We have protection,' Will said happily, 'if you want us, you'll have to fight others to get us.'

The End

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