Chapter XX: The Aurora (12/12)Mature

He told her everything, from his experiences in Vincula, leaving out no detail about the squalor and horridness of his old home, all up to the moment when he'd woken from his bed one night and heard voices, only to find a wealthy uncle and niece in his house.

'I -,' Sayara stammered when he had finished, propped up from the ground by her elbows. 'I had no idea you'd been...Vincula? All this time?'

'Yeah, all this time,'

'But surely you would have figured out you didn't belong there? What did you think you could have done wrong?' Perhaps Sayara had stumbled on to the reason behind it all, it wasn't Will's fault that he'd been placed in Vincula, it had been a way to hide him away, to keep him at bay alongside the secret that he knew, it was nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, never once had Will questioned why he was there. He had never thought that it was a mistake, or wondered why he couldn't remember what ever it was he'd done, just that he must have done something, and like everybody else around him, he was a horrible, bad person. That was his shame.

'The others would understand, Will,' Sayara said, and he tensed up in fear and looked at her seriously.

'You can't tell them, Sayara! Not a word, please -,'

'But Will, they're your friends, they would never -,'

'NO.' Will thought that she was moving to stand, his stomach lurched with worry like she would run and wake Tayna and Andrel from their beds. He leapt onto her, pinning her down, she yelped in surprise. When Will realised what he was doing, he froze, and looked down. Sayara was pinned underneath him, her cheeks had bloomed and her wrists stiffened beneath his hold as he knelt over her. Her emerald eyes were wide in shock as her gaze locked on him unwavering.

'Will...' she whispered, as if they would be heard and seen, 'what are you doing?' 

'Please,' Will pleaded, knowing he should have released her then, but still holding tightly, 'you can't tell anybody. You're the only one who can know, for now...just you.'

'Alright,' she nodded, then chuckled gauchely, 'you're stronger than you look. I'll have to be prepared next time.'

'Next time?' he teased, she laughed harder and Will rolled off of her.

She stood up quickly and headed up the hillside, turning halfway and, winking, said, 'if you're lucky. Goodnight, Willow.' With a smile, she raced back to the tent, but Will lingered with the image of her penetrating gaze burnt in his mind, and the feel of her quick pulse under his palm.


The End

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