Chapter XX: The Aurora (11/12)Mature

Her hair was pulled up in a high ponytail with two strands still curling on either side of her face, her legs were pulled to her chest and she rested her chin on her knees, staring dreamily up at the Aurora. She sensed him coming without having to turn around, 'Will?' she turned just the same, and smiled when she realised she was right.

'Hey,' Will said, sitting down beside her. 'You couldn't sleep either?'

'Nope,' she said, shaking her head. 'Too excited, I guess. The Aurora sure is something.'

'Yeah...' Will felt his cheeks redden, he always found himself speechless around Sayara, like he didn't know what was the right and wrong thing to say.

'Did you hear about what some magi believe about it?' Will shook his head, even though Maga had told him. She leant in to him like gossiping, close enough that Will could see the shadows her eyelashes cast on her cheeks. 'They say that the Goddess sent it as a sign that the First Sprites had been reincarnated, it was how their followers numbered down who in Maegard could be the reincarnations, they just had to look for ten babies born at that exact moment.'

'Really?' Will said, pretending to sound intrigued, it made her smile more to think that she was educating him. 'What else?'

'Well, the Aurora only comes once every three thousand years, they say that the blessings of the Goddess go especially to those who live to see it. So maybe that's a blessing on our reign, it could be a good omen that we're going to change things.' She looked back up at the Aurora with a hopeful expression. 

'If we're ever allowed to come out of hiding,' Will grumbled, Sayara looked at him with surprise.

She sighed, 'you're right. We're the unseen hope, I wish I could tell all of these people who I was, even if it put my life in danger, just so they know that I haven't abandoned them...'

'But it's for the best. Soon it'll be different, everybody will know we're here, right? And then...then we can help.'

'I suppose,' she said, lying back on the grass. Will looked down at her, he saw the way her nightgown had slid open to reveal a set of purple, silk pyjamas. He averted his eyes and led down beside her. 'You know, I used to get a view like this in my parent's estate. I felt like a prisoner at times, needing a guard to escort me around the grounds, we weren't even allowed to the nearby village when we needed something. Once, my father caught me trying to slip through the entrance gate, I wanted to go to the school and meet the other children. The next thing I see is him running out in his pyjamas with toast in his mouth, grabbing me around the waist and pulling me back inside. But my bedroom window had a view like this, the clear sky, forests and fields, that's when I felt free, that was all I needed.'

Will felt jealousy build inside him, he hated that he felt that way, but hearing about Sayara, about how she had a family, it filled him with a sadness that he blamed himself - and her - for creating. 'I never had anything like this in my home...' he murmured.

Sayara pursed her lips gently, looking awkward and careful she said, 'you never talk about your home. Or even your life before the Sanctuary. Ever. Is there something you don't want us to know?'

First Tayna, now Sayara, Will thought dismally, I can't tell them though, they won't understand...

But then he looked closely at Sayara, he thought about what she meant to him, what shewould mean to him. They were Bonded for life, she a Primary, he her Companion, they would be together for the rest of their lives no matter what. If he couldn't trust her, then who could he trust? She looked at him innocently, he could see in her eyes that she was silently willing him to trust her, like it hurt her that he wouldn't say. 

'I...I don't know,' he said, 'I've been afraid of what people will think about me...'

'Will, nothing you say can be that bad. I promise.' 

Trusting her more than he'd ever trusted anybody before, he made up his mind. 'The truth is, I don't come from an estate like you...' 

The End

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