Chapter XX: The Aurora (9/12)Mature

'What was that about, Tayna?' asked Sayara, 'what was with the fake names?'

'And how come I didn't get one?' Andrel complained, Will silently contemplated why over all of the names, Tayna had chosen Wasily to be his.

'You didn't need one, Andrel,' Tayna replied, 'I didn't want Elena finding out who we were, in fact, I don't want any magi finding out who we are, let alone nutcases like the Raido clan.'

'But who cares if magi know who we are?' asked Will, 'they're not human, they're not going to hurt us.'

Tayna's eyes widened in disbelief. 'It doesn't matter if they're magi or human, either way we have to keep a low profile whenever we're not in the Sanctuary. Paradam told me that the teachers are under a gag order about us, and they're willing to scramble the memories of anybody who might find out.'

'But why? By the sound of it, Elena didn't even know that the royal families were at the Sanctuary, let alone that they were us.'

'We're Paradam's biggest secret, Will,' said Sayara, 'nobody can know that we're not still locked away in our estates with our parents.'

'Correction, we were Paradam's biggest secret,' said Tayna glumly, and she pulled out a rolled up newspaper clipping from the inside of her boot. 'I read this in the paper in Alkimia's class, seeing as it's so boring.'

The title shone out at them in bold, black capitals:


'What does it mean?' asked Andrel worriedly,

'Well, according to this, news reporters, both human and magi have been trying to get into our estates a lot since we were gone. They're not interested in our parents anymore, they're interested in us. The magi want us because they think we could lead them into a new age, the humans want to make sure we're properly contained and aren't plotting anything together.'

'Wait, this says my name,' gasped Sayara, reading on, 'how is that possible?'

'Apparently, some of our births were more publicised than others,' said Tayna, 'it had something to do with the coupling of our parents. When you and I were born, Sayara, we were swamped with media attention because our parents were either Elemental or magi - that's the one thing I know about my parents, they weren't rebellious. However, children like Silex were barely talked about because his father is a human, it wasn't looked upon well by either species. The important thing is that the little that was known about our lives to the public is now being re-investigated. Luckily, there are no recent pictures.'

'Alright, I understand humans not finding out who you were, they'd come after you,' said Andrel, 'but I still don't understand why magi can't find out. They'd protect you, wouldn't they? And they'd -,'

'Support us,' said Sayara, cottoning on.

 'That's right,' nodded Tayna, 'the Raido clan want to start a war in our names, and you heard her, they're convinced that we'd support them whatever the circumstance. If they knew that we were outside the estates in public, they'd ask us to fight now, something Paradam knows we're not ready for. Aside from that, if we give the magi public an impression that we are on their side, it'll give them hope, telling them that we want to avoid war and don't want to harm anybody will make us seem weak.'

'So, basically, it's all about image?' asked Will,

'We're the faceless, nameless, untraceable revolutionary monarchs, Will. Image is all we have.'

The End

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