Chapter XX: The Aurora (4/12)Mature

Soon, he found what he was looking for, a green striped shirt and a pair of dark slacks. He changed quickly, but while he sat on his stool lacing up his boots, Maga appeared at his side, hovering near the laces as if she was trying to assist him.

'You have still decided to go, then?' she asked, her voice clear and cool in his head like running water.

'Aren't you the one who tried to convince me to?' he replied, deciding that nobody would hear him talking to "himself". 'You kept saying it was an important event to my ancestors,'

'And was that reason enough for you to want to go?'

He thought about it as he tugged at the newly constructed bow on his left boot, 'yeah, I don't know much about my family, but if I'm going to be a prince someday, I should probably learn about what it is makes me so powerful, or what's in my family history.'

'Spoken well,' said Maga, 'you sound much more attuned to reality than you once were.'

'I don't blame myself for freaking out, wouldn't you if you found out something like that?'

The light of the orb dimmed a little, and she said sadly, 'maybe I did.'

'Oh, right, sorry,' said Will embarrassedly, 'I guess our situations aren't exactly the same then, you have even less memories than me, I...I can't imagine what that's like.'

'I have an existence, Willow, not a life. I am sure I did once, I may have lived many lifetimes, but not anymore. I imagine that whoever did this to me, whoever made me like this, did not like me - for this is punishment indeed.'

Guilt welled up inside him for making her so upset. 'Can I ask you something? I've been wondering it for a while,'

'Yes, of course,'

'Hypothetically, if you weren't...attached to me, what do you think would happen to you?'

'I would ascend, I can only imagine. It would be a blessing, it is all I desire, if I can desire at all in this form.'

'You want to die? I - I can't imagine anybody who isn't afraid to die...'

'I never said I was not afraid, just that it is what I want.' In glumness, Maga's light faded back into Will's chest, and he swore that he in turn felt her sorrow.

Will reached the bottom floor of the dormitory where Tayna, Sayara and Andrel were waiting for him. He was in a crisp white shirt, the golden Blinking pendant around his neck.

'Alright, I'm sure we can head down now. It'll take some time for them to register and arrange us anyway.' They filed out through the wall into the commonroom where Tayna stopped suddenly and sniffed loudly. 'Ugh,' she said, her nose wrinkling, 'steel yourselves, Marinia and Valda are in the hallway. And they're wearing that Aphrodisiac perfume again, it makes me want to throw up...on them.'

'Wait, how can you tell where they are?' asked Sayara as they continued walking,

'I think it's a power I have as an Air sprite, I've been able to sense things a lot better lately.'

'Oh, joy,' said Andrel sarcastically, 'my best friend's a bloodhound.' This earned him a chuckle from Will and Sayara, and a slap on the arm from Tayna.

The End

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