Chapter XX: The Aurora (3/12)Mature

Tayna's head poked out from the curtains and seemed like it was floating, 'you know what I mean.' She ducked back inside, 'you keep going on about how you want a girlfriend,' her voice continued, 'well, that involves effort, believe it or not.'

'When would she ever see me, anyway? She'd be in the kitchen all the time.' Tayna emerged again, this time her eyes were narrowed and threatening, her face reddening. 'Kidding, kidding!' he hastened to add, 'you know I'm joking.' Huffing again, she disappeared and did not return until she was changed.

When she emerged, she was wearing a dark brown dress with butterfly sleeves made from detailed, black lace, the same decorated across the dress' bodice. The skirt rose just above her knees, at which point she'd donned long, white socks and completed her ensemble with small, black heels. Her hair remained in its short plait, finished with a long black ribbon.

'What do you think?' she said, smiling timidly whilst brushing down her skirt and trying to inconspicuously tug it down. 'It's Anala's...'

'I think you look lovely,' Sayara emerged moments later, smiling at her kindly. She was wearing a midnight blue dress made from shimmering material, padded out with thick underskirts and nipped at the waist in gathers. A diamond teardrop hung from her neck, her hair held with the same porcelain flowers, only neatened from earlier that morning.

'There's just one thing missing.' She approached Tayna, twirling her finger as a signal to turn around so that she could fasten the finishing touch, a larger diamond necklace that Will thought looked more expensive than him. 'My mother gave me all of her out-of-season jewellery, though I'm not brave enough to wear something like this.' With a satisfied smile as Tayna touched the hollow of her throat and admired herself in the mirror, Sayara span around to face Will and Andrel.

'So, how do you think I look? Total honesty, remember,'

Whilst Andrel made an indifferent noise, Will looked at her in detail, the way her strands of hair curled underneath her chin, or how light danced in spots of colour from the diamond across her milky skin. He opened his mouth to speak, but he was unexpectedly grabbed under the arm by Tayna and hauled away. 'Hey!' he protested, 'what's the problem?'

'You need to change, now. Be quick, we'll be downstairs,' she said, snapping at him.

'Oh, okay,' Sayara said, her timidity returning as Tayna slid her arm around hers and led her down the staircase. Will shrugged, brushing off his confusion and rummaged for a shirt he knew was buried somewhere in his storage. He was interrupted by Andrel snorting behind him.

'What?' he asked, turning around and seeing his friend rising from his bed.

'Nothing,' he scoffed, moving to the staircase, 'I just hope you know what you're doing. I guess I'll put on a clean shirt, anything to get Tayna off my back.' He disappeared and left Will alone on the top floor.

The End

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