Chapter XIX: Into the Mind of Fire (9/18)Mature

Tayna's eyes widened with frustration and incredulity, 'why are you still thinking about that? It was a year ago, I can control my powers better now, that was an accident -,'

'Exactly, Tayna. And accidents happen, that's what they always say. That incident was contained, it was passed off as a freak storm, but what if it isn't so easy next time?'

'Well...would it be such a bad thing? What I mean is, what if the people of Castia could accept magick? It wouldn't be as if I was a stranger who showed them my powers, I've known them all my life, they trust me, they know I wouldn't do anything to hurt them.'

Her mother's face had drained of colour, 'how can you think such a thing? Who's been putting these ideas into your head?'

Tayna grunted irritatedly and stood, swiping the bed sheet aside, 'nobody, mother. This is me talking. I've been thinking about what will happen when I leave Castia and -,'

'Hold on right there.' Her mother stood and followed her into the centre of the room, 'who said anything about you leaving Castia? You can't leave, not when you're not in control yet. A few more years and then...maybe...'

'I don't want to wait a few more years, I want to find other magi, I want to get better at magick and help people. If I stay here, I'll be miserable for the rest of my life.'

'I've stayed here all my life and I'm perfectly happy -,'

'Not everybody is like you, I'm not you, I don't think I ever will be. And I don't care what you say about humans, I refuse to believe that every human I come across is going to hate me no matter what. Besides, you're human and you accepted me, you found me all those years ago and -,'

'Yes, that's right! I found you abandoned, a toddler strapped onto a horse with a note attached saying that you were in need of a home. Then, months later I see you fly your teddy across the room, do you think that was what I wanted to see? No, but I dealt with it!' The agony on Tayna's face was clear to see the moment she had spoken, her eyes brimming with tears and her lip trembling. Her mother immediately regretted her words, 'Tayna, I didn't mean -,'

'YOU DEALT WITH ME?' she shouted furiously, 'is that it? You dealt with me? Is that all I am to you? A burden, a choice that turned into a mistake!' Tears streamed down her cheeks as her shoulders shook with despair. Will watched her and felt like he could see each of Tayna's protective walls being crushed to dust before him. 'Well, I'm sorry that I've made your life miserable, and I'm sorry that I'm not the precious, human, NORMAL daughter you always wanted! I am sorry that not even my parents wanted me, I'm sorry that I am completely alone in the world with nobody...' her voice grew high and hysterical, 'and I'm sorry that I ever thought I could call you my mother!'

Saying no more, Tayna ran out of the farmhouse weeping, her mother running after her calling for her to come back. She didn't listen though, instead she ran to the stables, grabbing a pair of reins from a hook outside, fixing them to the white horse whilst her mother mistakenly checked the barn for her. By the time she returned to the outside of the house, Tayna was leading the horse out of the paddock.

'TAYNA!' her mother screamed a final time, Tayna leapt up onto the horse with incredible lightness and agility, kicking her heels and sending the horse speeding up a pathway out of Castia towards the hillside, the wind and tears blurring her vision.

Will ran after her, all the while realising that his suspicions had been correct. The family hadn't looked like royalty or like Tayna's family; because they weren't.

The End

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