Chapter XVIII: The Champion of Castia (7/7)Mature

People shrieked and threw their hands over their heads, ducking low and curling up tightly. When the window behind Will exploded, Conway pushed him, Andrel and Sayara onto the floor as the glass pummelled their backs. When it was over, Will looked up from behind his hands and saw Tayna amongst the mess, the only one standing. Marinia and sunk down against the doorjamb and curled up. Tayna walked calmly towards her, the glass crunching under her feet. Marinia gasped, her violet eyes full of fear, Tayna crouched down as condescendingly as had been done to her and said,

'You're wrong. The past can't hurt us...but the future can. And unless you want to find out, I suggest you stay out of my head.' She stood back up and threw out an arm, her satchel zoomed towards her from the corner and into her hand, then she crossed over Marinia and headed out of the classroom, her footfalls echoing as the classroom was left in mesmerised shock.

'Tayna - TAYNA!' Professor Conway stood, jumping over the students and raced out into the corridor. Will, Andrel and Sayara followed, pushing past Marinia who walked over to her sister, rejecting her comforting embrace. They saw Conway running after Tayna, strutting confidently down the hall, when he reached her he didn't hesitate to grab her around the arm and pull her back.

'Tayna, you know you cannot make threats like -,' before he could finish, Tayna swayed on the spot and fell backwards, into his arms, once again unconscious. 'TAYNA! Help, somebody help!' He gathered her up into his arms and before rushing with her to the infirmary, shouted loud enough down the hallway, 'CLASS DISMISSED!' 

The End

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