Chapter XVIII: The Champion of Castia (6/7)Mature

Tayna's gaze shot up with shock, 'how - how do you know that name?'

Meanwhile, Conway found Valda amongst the students who were transfixed by what was happening, 'Miss Mellicit, put an end to your sister's magick immediately.' 

Valda's brow crumpled, 'I - I can't, sir.'

'What are you talking about?' he said angrily, 'aren't you as skilled as she is?'

'Yes, sir, but - I have no idea what magick she's using. I've never seen it before.'

Never seen it before, Will thought anxiously, what could be so important that Marinia wouldn't share it with her twin sister?

'Can't you do something, Professor Conway?' asked Sayara, looking as if she felt Tayna's pain and panic more with each passing moment.

'I sincerely wish to,' Conway replied, 'but becoming involved between two Elementals would be...dangerous, to say the least.'

'But you can't just do nothing! Look at them!' 

Now, Marinia had risen, circling around Tayna who sat defeated on the floor, tears dripping down her cheeks.

'Poor, poor Tayna,' she said, her voice sing-song and sickening, 'all those dark little secrets, I bet you locked them away and never thought about them. The fire...the smoke...the eyes, all just a distant memory.' She squatted down in front of Tayna to whisper lowly, 'but here's what you need to know. Our pasts will always condemn us, they will haunt us until the days we die and there is nothing we can do about it. And if you forget, there will always be somebody to refresh your memory along the way.' She straightened, walked behind Tayna and kicked out her foot, knocking her to the ground. 'So you might consider this a favour, this will only make you stronger.'

'Please...' Tayna whispered, 'stop this...'

The that why Tayna fainted in Holloway? What happened to her?

'I want you to remember what you did,' Marinia spat, loud enough for everybody to hear, 'I want you to admit it, so everybody knows what a weak little girl you really are, while you strut around like you're so powerful and so worthy to be an Elemental, when all you really are is a frightened, self-serving baby -,'

'Right, that is enough, Marinia.' Conway had finally stepped in, his voice booming abruptly through the room. Still, he wouldn't physically intervene, and Marinia glanced at him dismissively, her attentions returning quickly to Tayna.

'She's dead, did you decide to forget about her? Does she mean nothing to you? How does it make you feel, Tayna, to know that while you ran away, she was dying? To know that she's dead...because of you?' 

Marinia stood back, as if to marvel at what she had created, or destroyed. Tayna sat slumped, her arms the only thing keeping her up, her head low and trembling, tears falling onto the floor. Marinia's heels clinked against the floor as she walked away, towards her bag in the corner. Everybody's heads revolved to follow her like owls, she lapped up the attention with a smile of satisfaction. She slipped her bag over her shoulders and headed towards the door, standing in the doorway when -

The air turned cold.

Not just cold. Thick, cloistering, suffocating. 

Will felt his arms cover in gooseflesh, the air clung at the back of his throat like oil, he knew there could be only one cause, he looked at Tayna and saw that she had changed. There were no tears in her eyes, her arms no longer shook, instead her fists were clenched angrily, her breathing was heavy and controlled.

Then a sound came that he couldn't explain, it was high pitched, like a constant squeak, it was slow and becoming louder. Marinia had paused to listen, and froze in the doorway when Tayna's leg slid up, she pulled herself into a crouch, and she rose.

'You think you know me?' Tayna's voice was low and haggard,

'Wh - what?' Marinia did nothing to hide her surprise and fear, all the while distracted by the noise which was growing higher and louder.

Tayna looked up, her eyes glowing and shouted, 'you don't know me!'  It became clear what the noise had been, cracks in the windows which had been slowly spreading as her anger had grown, finally it had become too much and the glass had exploded in a cascade of shards. 

The End

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