Chapter XVIII: The Champion of Castia (3/7)Mature

As the week progressed, the students buzzed about seeing the Aurora over the weekend. Will didn't hear of anybody in his year who had turned down the chance, and this was evident about the rest of the Sanctuary when they headed up to Paradam's office to collect the Blinking pendant. Expecting it to be just a few people long, they found that it extended for two full staircases, giving them an hour long wait. The pendants were stored in decorative boxes that - in order to avoid students Blinking unnecessarily - would only open on the Friday that they departed.

At Duelling class on Tuesday, everybody was exhausted and wishing for the week to end quickly. However, the hours had seemed to drag on, and Will felt as if the day had lasted forever as he made his way to the Armoured Hall. Maga had appeared at his side as a speck of light, which Will constantly worried others could see, either way, he looked very strange, mumbling to himself.

He'd been considering Maga for the past couple of days, and his over-active curiosity didn't help him as he bombarded her with questions.

'Do you think that we could find you a body of your own so - no offence - you wouldn't have to be connected to me?' he murmured, keeping his head low with one eye on the light floating beside him which nobody else was able to see.

'It is possible...however, any body or vessel that you may find for me will probably be desiccated or already inhabited. Forgive me, but becoming one of the living dead is not an option for me.'

'Right, of course not, sorry. So, you really have no idea how you became like this?'

'Not as of yet, I am afraid. Perhaps, as I have said, my memories will return, but at the moment, my entire existence is a mystery to me.'

Will would have asked her more about herself, had it not been for the door which he head-butted at that moment.

Pain stung his forehead as he clattered to the floor, some students asked if he was okay and helped him up, others laughed, suddenly Will's face burned also with embarrassment. He grabbed his satchel from the ground, jumped up and hurried to the Armoured Hall, whilst Maga's light faded back into his chest.

The End

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