Chapter XVIII: The Champion of Castia (2/7)Mature

The persistence of the Winter weather meant that for the next few weeks, Aquatics class would be cancelled, giving everybody in Will's class an extra hour of free time. He felt especially exhausted and had requested that Tayna wake him up when it was break time, so he shut the curtains of his bed, led down and surrounded himself in darkness. He was just drifting off when a small speck of light appeared, rising upwards from his chest, Will had a strange feeling it was looking at him.

'What are you thinking about?' Her voice travelled to him gently, humming in his head.

Will had already decided that asking too many questions about his strange situation made his head hurt more, so he tried his best to accept that he had, in essence, two souls, one belonging to a girl. 

'I'm thinking about whether it's a good idea to leave the Sanctuary. After all, it's dangerous, isn't it?'

'That it is, Willow. However, considering the protection you will be given, I do not think it is more dangerous than it is here. And, the Aurora is a very beautiful sight, it would be worth seeing.'

'You've seen it before?'

'I know very little of my life, I sometimes think that it is so long that it becomes hazy, but what I do remember, it is of spectacular things, such as the Aurora. Some believe that when the First Sprites were destroyed in the Days of Darkness, the Goddess was so saddened by the loss of her children that her sorrow ripped the sky apart, creating the Aurora. At the same time, it signified their reincarnation, the birth of your ancestor, Willow.'

'For somebody who doesn't remember anything, you sure know a lot.'

'As I have said, what I remember is hazy, but it is grand. I remember no difference between when I may have lived in a physical body and when I was turned into this, a soul clinging onto a Host, clinging onto you. Perhaps I have always been this way, I know not. I suppose that is what we have in common. You cannot remember a former life, like me.'

Will put his hands behind his head and watched as the light floated above his head so he had to squint. Eventually, it settled on his pillow. 'Do you think I'll ever remember completely?' he asked quietly.

'You have already recovered fragments, as I have. I would like to think that if there is something, somewhere - or someone - that you love enough, no enchantment or curse can keep you from it.'

He smiled sadly, all he desired was to remember, to understand who he was and why he was cursed in the first place. It ripped him apart that he couldn't remember his own parents, or his brother and sister, yet to know that this girl had the same dilemma comforted him in a way that none of his friends could. He could almost call her his friend. 

'Of the little things that you remember, is one of those things a name? It's just that...well, I don't know what to call you - I don't know what you are either, neither do you, but...'

'I remember many names, like echoes, I have no way of knowing which is my true name, I was just a spirit or  a soul to most, but one person...they called me Maga, sorceress, and I always liked that name.'

Maga, Will mused, it felt right, as if that was all that she could ever have been called, like any other name would have felt wrong.

'Alright, Maga it is.' 

The End

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