Chapter XVII: Invidia (2/11)Mature

Everybody took their places swiftly in the lecture hall, Mrs Calibrase sat readily at her desk, as did Andrel in his usual seat. When Tayna and Will sat down, he offered them no information about the meeting, so they jointly decided to let it lie. Their day's lesson was spent learning about popular myths and faerytales from years passed, including 'Glaistig and the Sidhe War,' 'The Curse of the Holy Grail', and one that Will found most interesting, 'The First Human.' After a re-telling, Will looked around the classroom and saw that there were mixed feelings towards the characters of Daniel and Caitriona. It was never known whether the events were true or not, but if so, Will wondered if they could blame the misfortune caused by humanity on them because they had supposedly fallen in love. Did that justify their actions, and if it wasn't love, did it mean that four centuries of suffering were for naught?

'Naturally, the location of remaining Arches are kept secret,' explained Mrs Calibrase, her cane held readily across her chest. 'Neither humans nor magi travel through worlds anymore, it is believed that when war broke out in Midgard some eighty years ago, there were millions upon millions begging to travel through. However, the trouble in Maegard was already so great, that the royal families were forced to intervene, and shut down the Arches for good.'

A boy in the second row raised his hand and asked, 'whatever happened to Daniel and Caitriona?'

'As far as I am aware, they are still alive,'

'But Miss, that was centuries ago!'

'Caitriona is a nymph, Metlan, she was gifted with both beauty and immortality. The legend continues to say that her love for Daniel was so great that she granted half of her immortal life to him. In my opinion however, it would have been best that they have both died. Their names live in wretched infamy, they are blamed for all the tragedy that has befallen us and have remained in hiding ever since.'

As class continued, Will browsed through his textbook, 'Facts and Faerytales.' Mrs Calibrase allowed this, and he glanced across multiple titles for one to catch his eye. Instead, it was a photograph which caught his eye in the historic section. It was of a girl who he didn't imagine to be much older than him. She was very beautiful, accentuated by the sepia tone and the photograph's style, which seemed to be for a yearbook. She sat in a diagonal position to the camera, against a dark canvas with a forced smile. Her hair was fair and fell past her waist and around her face in straight strands, her eyes were pale and long-lashed. As Will looked closer, he saw that the corner of the photograph had been branded with a symbol -

Agonising pain shot through his head, only confirming his suspicions; the symbol was the Evil Eye.

The End

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