Chapter XVI: The Elements and the Eye (13/13)Mature

His friends froze like transfigured to stone, they turned towards him slowly with looks of incredulity. 'What did you say?' asked Tayna breathlessly, 'did you say you saw your mother?' 

Although it made his stomach churn with disgust, he forced himself to tell them everything he had seen, when he was finished, they looked stupefied.

'This shouldn't be happening,' was Tayna's first response, 'we always thought that you couldn't remember anything about yourself, that was what we were always told.'

'That's what I was told too,' Will agreed, 'but it's as if seeing this symbol - this Evil Eye,'Andrel repeated his superstitious gesture, 'made me remember. And also...the attackers were wearing that symbol, that means that they killed that means we can find out who they are, I can -,'

'Stop it,' Tayna snapped, looking both terrified and angry. 'You don't need to go looking for these people, even if you might have some stupid need for vengeance.'

He narrowed his eyes at her, 'stupid?' he spat, 'Tayna, these people murdered my parents and my family, I have a right to know -,'

'These people are abhorrent, Will, don't you see that? You remember what they did to your family - what they're capable of. The symbol they carry is hated in every single culture in Maegard, why would you want to go looking for somebody like that? Unless you want to get yourself killed!'

Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she spun around swiftly and raced down the staircase. Andrel hesitated for a few moments but seemed unable to stop himself from following her, calling her name and shouting for her to stop whilst she shrieked back for him to leave her alone and that she didn't want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Will sat hunched up in the corner of the Attic, a blanket tossed over his legs.My memories are coming this a good thing? He wanted to remember, he wanted to see his family, he wanted to recognise them.

My mother...that was my mother. She was so beautiful...

Then, he realised that his memories could only bring more of the pain he had just felt, filled with events of death and bloodshed. Without his memories, he felt lost, yet where he was supposed to belong was gone, the only remnants left were those of destruction and horror, did he really want to remember a place like that?

 He wiped away the tears building in his eyes and slouched down in the bean bag once more, his head crowded with images of blood and black material, the sounds of crackling flame and distant screams.

The End

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