Chapter XVI: The Elements and the Eye (9/13)Mature

Tayna took determined, striding steps to the Draíochta commonroom, for reasons that were unknown to Will. She didn't wave or greet the others as she often did once they arrived, she hurried through the wall and up the metal staircase. He followed as quickly as he could, noticing that Tayna's urgency had caused interest from the others, he was sure they thought it was a royal predicament that credited eavesdropping.

However, when Tayna reached the Attic, she flicked her wrist with magickal intent, causing the air around the area to shimmer like a mirage. When Will stepped through it, he felt like walls surrounded him, no outside noise reached them from elsewhere in the dormitory, all he could hear was Tayna rummaging through the piles of books arranged amongst the cushions.

'What did you do?' he asked.

'I isolated the air around us,' she said with a matter-of-fact tone, pulling books from built towers and carelessly toppling them to reach them. 'They can't hear us, and we can't hear them. If I want, they won't be able to get in either.'

'But why? Why are you being so secretive?'

'It's the Twins,' she said, 'I've had enough of them. I know I said we should tolerate them, but they're not letting up like I hoped they would. And plus...I felt something strange in the classroom - that's why I came back. I could sense something to do with them, something different and powerful.It worried me.' She glanced over the brass railing, rolling her eyes at the five students pretending to occupy themselves as they attempted to listen in.

Being on the Elemental's floor, the Attic was used primarily by them, though anybody was said to be allowed to use it. Melted candle buds clung to a claw-footed coffee table, the wicks blackened from constant, late-night use, the wax hardening over a scattered deck of red playing cards. Eight squishy bean bags circled the edge, each with an individual collection of cushions, the occasional night gown and bed shirt tossed over the railing. Will fell back into one of the seats, and from his new level he saw that carved on the table's edge in elaborate Maedaal cursive were the words, 'secrets are the legacies we live.'

Tayna sank down on a bean bag opposite him, kneading her hands together nervously. 'So what do you suggest we do?' Will asked her.

'I'm not sure,' she said, 'we can't exactly stop them from excelling in their powers. Now that our Elemental lessons have begun, they're only going to encourage it in preparation for Transition. It's just the pace, they don't even have their Companion with them, and they're more powerful than Abrecan and me least at the moment...'

'But you and Abrecan don't get on very well,' Will pointed out. 'Marinia and Valda are twin sisters, they co-operate better with each other.'

'Hmm...' she sounded unconvinced, 'it's just that...' she wriggled in her seat before leaning forward and looking at him seriously. 'Everybody knows that Spirit is vital and powerful to the world, frankly, more than the other elements. In the story about the Days of Darkness, it was said that Mellicit tried to take over our ancestors, even control them...'

Will shook his head, 'but the Twins wouldn't do that. They don't seem to like us, but I think they at least respect our power.'

'Still...I want to be sure...' Her hand dove under the bean bag and produced a book that Will recognised, adorned with purple crystals and golden script.

'The Spirit book!' Will exclaimed nervously, 'you stole it!'

'Not exactly,' she said, biting her lip with guilt. 'I was Marinia when I checked it out, I had her library card too, but technically -,'

'If anybody finds out, you'll be in a lot of trouble,' Will chastised.

Tayna gave him a smile of amusement that lit up her eyes like melted honey. 'Who's a stickler for the rules now?'

The End

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