Chapter XVI: The Elements and the Eye (6/13)Mature

For most of the lesson, Mrs Hogston answered questions and queries that the children had. The worries and wonders of Elemental rule were endless and incomprehensible, no matter how much Will learnt, he never felt that he knew enough.

The link between the Elementals was explained, why Will was considered to be Sayara's"Companion", and why she was his "Primary," rooted to why Demetra created Avaric in the first place; out of loneliness. Mrs Hogston also touched upon "the Bond", something that Will had already felt in all its glory.

'Though the Bond can still be strong before Transition, it is at its peak afterwards, when the mere presence of a Companion or Primary near the other impacts their power. You may feel something similar to this now, a sense of calm when they are near or calm themselves, inner turmoil when they are far or distressed.' Will thought back to what Paradam had said the day Laguna was kidnapped, about how Silex's contentment was a reassuring sign that Laguna hadn't been harmed. Since then, he said he'd felt nothing unusual, and Will wondered if it was this that kept them all hoping that she was alright.

He looked across to Sayara, she sat staring down at her lap, where her hands rested, palms upwards. There was a look of frightened wonder in her eyes, trying to fathom the power she was capable of. She caught his eye, trying to smile out of her deep thought. They had barely spoken since the Lake, Will had been confused about how she had recovered, and she was embarrassed by the idea that she owed him a debt.

Slowly, she raised her hand. 'Mrs Hogston, how strong can the Bond become between Elementals?'

'It can differ greatly,' their teacher explained. 'I have known of Elementals who could sense each other, though that is rather common, and there are rarer cases, such as telepathy, empathy, augmentation - the ability to strengthen or weaken each other through touch.'

Touch. Will remembered holding Sayara's hand before he had felt a strange sensation and she had revived. Was that the power he had, augmentation? No, whispered his inner self, it's something more than that...

'I'm rather glad you asked that, Sayara,' continued Mrs Hogston. 'I want to do an experiment to see how strong the Bond is between each of you. Of course, there are exceptions, Marinia, Valda, you two may practice your own abilities, and Silex...the same for you.'

Mrs Hogston disappeared momentarily into her office, opening the door in the stained glass tree and returning holding two plant pots, full and empty, a candle, and a small basin of water under her arm. She set them down on the relevant tables, speaking as she did so. 'I want you to experiment with these items to test what you can do alone, and what must be done together. Please begin.'

Although cooperation was awkward at first, Abrecan and Tayna were first to execute their task. The empty plant pot was put in a clear space, and they were able to levitate it using their joint Air magick, before Abrecan was able to shatter it into terracotta shards with a bolt of lightning that came and went in the blink of an eye. Pyrus easily lit the candle, building the flame higher and higher, splitting and bending it into tentacle-like shapes. When Calain joined in, the flames were transformed into tiny red bats. The illusionary creatures spiralled upwards from the candle flame like smoke before disappearing into embers with each flap of their wings, and then to nothingness.

Silex looked sad and bored with his basin of water, turning it to ice and back again over and over, until he decided to become artistic, crafting a miniature ice swan by concentrating, chipping and cracking away at the ice. He presented it to the Twins, who were delighted for a while, using their telekinetic abilities to make it zoom around the room, before they became bored and sent it flying against the wall into dusty snowflakes.

The End

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