Chapter XV: Searching for Secrets (7/12)Mature

Given directions by Tayna, Will ambled along the corridor towards the East tower. The shivering chimes of the grand clock told him it was six o'clock, and he hurried past the crowd of students bustling through the grand doors to get inside before curfew. Absently, as he bumped shoulders with a few of them, Will wondered when the others would find out what had happened to Laguna. Sayara had been right, Laguna was a princess and a figure of hope for young magi, her kidnapping would have repercussions that would become apparent like spreading ripples, the Elementals at the epicentre.

At the sound of Vigilo's grumpy voice, he rushed up the East staircase out of sight, he had a feeling that whether the caretaker was intimidated by him or not, he wouldn't be lenient if he found somebody breaking curfew for a second time. He trekked up the staircases until he came to the top floor, where the light of the oil lamps below were unable to reach. The thick chains holding up the grand chandelier was visibly fixed to the apex, cobwebs hanging like gossamer drapes. The amount of dust twitched his nose, and he was relieved to walk through the doorway into a bright and clean hallway. The walls were painted cream, the tiles just a shade darker, and scarlet red doors with gold knockers aligned the curving hallway. Each knocker was of a different design, and it was by this that he could identify Anala's room. Hers was the one with the knocker shaped like a butterfly, the symmetrical patterns filled out with green and black glass.

Will prepared to knock twice, but on the first, the door swung open with his hand still raised, Anala seeming irritated and in mid-sentence.

'What the Hel do you -,' she looked up, and her expression changed instantly. Her sly, hooded eyes became wide, and her eyebrows cocked with surprise. She was wearing her Shifter uniform with the exception of the pale pink, fluffy slippers on her feet, and her hair was naturally auburn, flowing in shimmering curls around her face. 'Oh,' she said, Will couldn't tell if she sounded happy or disappointed to see him.

'Hi,' he said, his hand still elevated as if to knock again.

'Hi.' After hesitating for a moment, she opened the door fully and stood aside. 'Um - come in, I suppose.' It seemed as if the act of inviting somebody in was new to her. With a grateful, yet equally awkward smile, Will stepped inside.

The End

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