Chapter XV: Searching for Secrets (6/12)Mature

'I cannot blame you for your scepticism. The fault lies with me for not revealing myself sooner. The first time I came to you, you discounted it as a hallucination. My voice could only reach you when you were open to it, when you were in need.' Will thought about the times he had heard her, in the ocean with the kappa, when he was trying to save Sayara. He'd wanted help, but never had he imagined in such a form.

'Alright,' he said, sounding as calm as he could manage. 'I'm listening now. You say you're a part of me. What does that mean?'

'I am not sure...'

He sighed with frustration. 'Then how is any of this supposed to make sense? I need to understand, but you're not giving me any clues.'

'My existence is as mysterious to me as it is to you. I do not have a physical form, so I cannot be a person, and yet I have a mind by which to calculate. I am between existences, though, I do not feel like one of the Wandering -,'

'The what?'

'A spirit, compelled to remain on the earth through lack of fulfillment or curse. Thus, they wander, without understanding of their existence.'

'So...just a spirit? Is that what you are? Or - or a soul -,'

'A soul,' she said in surprise. 'That may be what I am...'

'Wait, so does that mean I have - I have two souls? I don't know much about magick or spirits, but even I know that a person can't have two souls. Somebody like that would explode, wouldn't they?'

'Evidently not.'

Unless I'm already dead...

'You are not dead, Willow Avaric. I would know. The little I know of our connection is that I depend upon you,'

'Like a parasite?'

'I...I suppose,' she sounded unamused, like a normal girl would. This has to be a dream. But it's not, I can feel it. Crap, this is real. There really is something in my head.

'Why are you here?' he asked, 'why now?'

'As I have said, for many years I tried to find my way to you, but you would not allow me through. Now that you have used your magick, it is like a gateway allowing me through. I am here to help you, in whatever way I can.'

'All I need to do is figure out the connection of these kidnappings, but I doubt you can help with that.'

'Perhaps...perhaps the connection is not clear yet, but by anticipating the next to be kidnapped, that may be the way.'

'Predict the next victim? But who could they -,'

It came to him like a bolt of lightning, the soft glow illuminating his dark, surprised features. 

Suddenly, the light began to fade, like retiring for the day after helping him. 'I will always be here with you, Willow...always.' The light began to move forward, he could feel no heat emitting from it, he wondered if it was truly an illusion, and he would feel nothing if he touched it. He had no time to test the theory, as the light suddenly went into him. It remained within his chest, he pulled up his shirt and saw it glowing within him. It was like he had swallowed a flame and it was still kindled within him, darkening slowly until it was gone.

Will shook his head like dispelling his insanity. Did that actually happen? I don't want to think about it, I can't, not when I know that -

He leapt from his bed, feeling as if he needed to tell somebody his idea before something horrible happened. He threw aside the curtains, and the light was so bright that his eyes seared and watered. He felt disconcerted, like stepping from a dark theatre into the spotlight. The floor was empty, but he could hear voices downstairs.

Tayna...I wonder where she is. Guilt clogged in his chest, he hated that he'd been so cruel to her. Would she forgive him given what had happened? Knowing there was one way to find out, he raced down the staircase to find her. 

She was sitting in the commonroom beside Andrel. In the low glow of the fire, it was apparent that she was no longer crying, but her eyes were red from rubbing them dry. She looked nothing like her usual fearless self. Just as Will had seen her in private moments during Andrel's recovery, she looked broken, like a china doll whose cracks were illuminated in the light.

She looked up and saw him, standing with immediate concern, observing his frantic behaviour. 'Will, is everything alright?' she asked softly.

'Everything's fine,' he said, smiling at her as convincing as he could.

'Are you going somewhere? I was hoping you could...well, I was hoping we could all talk.'

'Oh.' His feet twitched with anticipation to leave, but he couldn't leave without resolution. 'Sure, we can, but first I need to go somewhere.'

'You need somebody to go with you?'

I'm not a child. 'No, it's alright, don't worry. you know where Anala's room is?'

The End

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