Chapter XV: Searching for Secrets (4/12)Mature

There was a mix of expressions upon seeing him, Tayna and Sayara smiled sadly, Calain seemed to have no opinion at all, and the others regarded him warily, like trying to deduce him. He didn't want to join into their conversation, instead he sat down on his bed, his back pressed against the headboard. 

It was Tayna who moved from her position leaning against her bedpost to approach him. 'Everything alright? Paradam didn't want anything, did he?' she said, feigning as much happiness as she could handle in her lethargy.

Will said nothing, he messaged her that he was not alright with a single, blank look.

She brushed it aside and continued to smile, 'we were off to the Tower of Venus to get something to eat. Do you want to join us?'

Will's stomach had growled on his way to the commonroom, but imagining a noisy restaurant filled with gossiping students didn't hold much appeal to him. 'No thanks.'

'Are you sure? If you change your mind -,'

'I'm fine,' he interrupted, his tone flat and uncompromising.

Unexpectedly, she showed her annoyance, scrunching her nose at him. She opened her mouth to say something objective, but she stopped herself, her expression becoming calm once more. 'Alright,' she said, and turned away, following the others down the staircase to the Tower of Venus.

Will thought for a moment that he was alone, until he noticed Calain lying on his stomach on his bed with drawing paper and pencils scattered across the duvet. He glanced up and smiled, and though Will supposed he should have said something, he didn't want to talk. He was tired, and nothing that anybody said or did could change that. Rather rudely, he grabbed hold of his drapes and closed them, locking himself in darkness. He found his pillow and led back, moments of images and sound of past events thundering in his head.

He tried not to think about Laguna, about where she was and who she was with. Were the kidnappers going to hurt her, had they already, like Valda had suggested? His overriding thought was that it was all his fault. Lady Almara had been visiting the one he'd injured when she'd been kidnapped, and Laguna had been in the water to help him,because he'd been too weak on his own.

Running away again didn't cross his mind, but it left him at a crossroads over what to do. Whatever he did, there would be trouble. Something always went wrong, no matter the short bursts of happiness he'd had along the way. Did somebody hate him so much to make him suffer like this? What had he done to deserve it?

Why me?

Bringing his knees closer to his chest, and wrestling himself beneath his covers, he felt tears rising in his eyes, draining onto his pillow. A sob escaped him, and he remembered not to let Calain hear him, but there was nothing to stop the sadness he had bottled up for so long from spilling out.

The End

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