Chapter XV: Searching for Secrets (3/12)Mature

Will was glad to make it to the dormitory without any interrogation from the Draíochta he passed. They were clearly curious, many times they made half-gestures to stop him and opened their mouths to speak, but whether it was his weary, uninviting expression or that they sensed it somehow, he was not bothered. The dormitory was empty since it was so early in the afternoon, but he could hear the Elementals talking on the top floor, Laguna the natural topic of conversation. He was tempted to turn away to avoid the horrible subject, he didn't want to be reminded of what had happened. The part of him that had thrived on seclusion in Vincula wanted to deny everything. But his new self - the boy with friends, the boy who had felt so welcomed and content - he wanted the company of his friends in any and every way.

He made his way quietly up the staircase, trying not to be heard as he tuned in to the conversation.

He recognised Sayara's voice first, she sounded shaken and reserved. 'I thought I was going to die. I just remember being in darkness, like a silent void.'

'What, no green valleys and flying horses?' said either Marinia or Valda derisively.

'No. It was different,' she said disappointedly. 'There was darkness, for a long time that's all there was. Then all of a sudden, I felt this massive jolt like someone had kicked me in the back, and I just...opened my eyes, like that.'

'Dying doesn't sound very entertaining,' said an idle, male voice Will wasn't familiar with.

'Yeah, alright, you moping sod, that's enough of that,' said Tayna, as resilient as always. 'What we need to figure out now is, what to do about the other students once word gets around about Laguna.'

'I just planned on clobbering them if they piss me off enough,' guffawed Silex.

'That's not funny.' Will could imagine Tayna standing across from him with her arms crossed strictly. 'I'm being serious.'

'So are we,' said one of the Twins. 'We don't have an obligation to tell them anything. It's our business after all,'

'No, we're their royals. Us being here boosts their morale, what do you think will happen when they find out one of us has been kidnapped?'

'Whoa, wait a second,' said another boy, Will guessed Abrecan. 'Kidnapped? When did we ever decide that the incidents with the others students was linked to this?'

'Well, what else is it going to be?' Tayna asked rationally. 'There's no chance that there are two sets of kidnappers here, the defence wards are too good for that -,'

'Isn't that what Conway said before the kidnappings happened? Face it, all that stuff Mrs Calibrase was saying about the Orbis being the most powerful device there is was a load of boll -,'

'Stop it,' said Sayara loudly. 'It's not fair to be criticising the ones who have done everything they can to protect us. We owe them some loyalty don't you think?'

After a pause, Silex answered. 'Yeah, okay, we take it back. It makes you think though, doesn't it? If the defence is so powerful, then how powerful must the kidnappers be?' To that question, none of the Elementals seemed to have an answer, and Will decided to desist his quiet steps and thundered as normal up the remainder of steps.

The End

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