Chapter XV: Searching for Secrets (2/12)Mature

'What if she already has though?' asked Valda, sounding more cynical than worried. 'We have no way to know.'

Paradam inclined his head thoughtfully, then looked down at the group sitting down. 'Silex, tell me, do you feel anything significant at the moment?'

Silex shook his head stiffly, 'no, sir. Nothing.'

He smiled, 'then you need have no cause for concern, Valda. Companions have a valuable bond, it is clear to sense when one of them is in peril. Mr Dralmore seems to feel no such thing, so there is no predication that Laguna is in distress.' He stood and gestured warmly to them, 'worry not, try to enjoy the rest of your weekend.'

Will was not convinced by Paradam's suggestion, Laguna had told him of her weak Bond with Silex, there would be no change in their connection if there had never been one to begin with. He got to his feet as the others began to leave, realising in that moment that he still had the silver spear with him. He recalled the moment he had conjured it, how had he?  He stood staring at it for a while, seeing his reflection elongated on the metal shaft.

'Could I bother you for a moment, Will?' 

He turned and saw that Paradam had been watching him the entire time. He looked around the office, they were the only ones left. 'Sir,' he nodded.

'I just want to inquire how you are. I understand from Erin that you have had quite an eventful hour. Summoning that spear, it is mighty impressive, the faculty are once again wondering what your secrets are.' Will groaned mentally, he'd built up a bad enough reputation through Lady Almara. 'Is everything alright?'

He sighed. 'I let Laguna down, sir. I didn't pay attention to what was happening to her, I was too busy seeing to Sayara...'

'Will, you have nothing to regret. From what I gather, you have been astonishingly brave. It was, I admit, foolish to jump in after Miss Demetra, but I can hardly condemn your actions now after such a result. You very likely saved her life.'

Will looked at Paradam, in recent times he had wanted to come up to his office and talk about all his worries. Now, however, he wanted to be alone. 'I'm tired, sir,' he said flatly, 'I think I'll catch up with the others.' He turned to leave before he remembered the spear still in his hand. He held it out to Paradam. 'Could you -,'

'Yes, yes, of course,' he nodded, taking it happily and lying it lengthways across his desk. 'Have a good afternoon.' Will left the room as Paradam sat at his desk, turning the spear curiously in his long fingers.

The End

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