Chapter XIV: In Deep Water (13/14)Mature

Suddenly, he felt a tingling all across his body, like pins-and-needles dappling his skin, leaving behind a bead of heat each time. It travelled up from his gut, past his chest and down his arm to the hand that clutched Sayara's. That hand grew so warm that it felt like his skin was searing itself. The heat disappeared quickly, leaving him as cold as he had been previously, leaving him so surprised that he toppled backwards.

'Will!' Tayna called out, sinking to the ground and catching him by the shoulders. Her voice was panicked, her arms laced around his chest and locked together, holding him tightly. 'I'm sorry -,'

'Look!' called Andrel, and everybody lifted their heads curiously. Spreading like running water, Sayara's cheeks were beginning to flush pink, her complexion darkening. Will heard two quick hammering sounds in his ears, repeating over and over, quickening like a machine restarting.

Sayara's eyes flew open suddenly and she gasped, her body bucking upwards. She turned onto her side and spluttered, water spilling from her mouth over her chin. The others stared aghast, unable to fathom what they were seeing. Sayara's chest rose quickly as she panted and looked around terrified, her body convulsing. 

'Dad?' she croaked, tears streaming from her eyes and falling down the side of her face. 'Dad!'

Erin sank to the ground beside her, speaking relieved and calm. 'Sayara, it's alright. It's alright. Sayara.' She stared at Erin for a disbelieving moment, then she seemed to return to the present day, her chest falling gently.

'Will,' she said breathlessly, 'where is he?'

'Sayara...' he breathed, breaking free of Tayna's grasp, now even tighter from shock. He crawled towards her as she turned on her side and carefully sat up, leaning on her elbow. 'You''re okay,' he said incredulously. He remembered the silence he'd felt within her body, he had known it without a doubt; Sayara had been dead. 

'Someone get me a coat!' Erin barked to the students standing around. She was passed a boy's long, grey greatcoat, which she threw around Sayara and forced her arms through.

Sayara obeyed mechanically, she was too busy staring at Will observingly, a soft line forming between her brows. ' saved me.'

'Not a problem,' he said, beaming with elation. Part of him was stunned, how was it she'd been dead one moment, and then alive the next? I touched her, I felt that heat, and then...

'Thank goodness,' breathed Laguna, smiling and resting her chin on her folded arms. That was the last she would see of them. Behind her, where her feet paddled gently in and out of the water, a hand reached out of the water searchingly.

The End

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