Chapter XIII: Elementum Spiritus (13/13)Mature

A gasp escaped Will's lips, suicide? 'They - they what?'

Tayna's face fell in sadness. 'Not many know even that. They think that they were burgled and killed accidentally, but of course, the royal families know the truth. The Twins were six, they went to live with their governess after...after it happened. They say that they never spoke about it once until years was the Twins who found them.'

Suddenly, everything seemed to assemble for him. The Twins were full of such hate, so pessimistic of the world, but they had found their own parents dead, how could that not affect anybody? He felt sorry for them, he thought they'd be able to understand each other somehow, but his family had been taken away from him, along with his memories and his siblings. Ilya and Aston Mellicit however, they had wanted to die, they had wanted to leave...

'Will, don't say anything to them.' Tayna's remark made Will looked up indignantly,

'I wasn't going to.'

'Good,' she nodded, still looking morose. 'I know it might sound strange, but I think in Marinia and Valda's strange little heads, the way they're acting now is...normal. Talking to them about this, well, I think it would only bring back bad memories.'

Andrel suddenly slumped back in his armchair. 'Ugh, do we have to be nice to them? You realise that if we start smiling and stroking them, they'll think we've gone completely insane.'

'If you start smiling and stroking them, I'll think you've gone completely insane,' she said. 'All I'm saying is, trying to get back at them isn't going to make it any better. And think about it, Will, in a few years, we'll be living with them, ruling with them. We'll have to get on, and if it keeps going on like this, it might be too late...'


Knowing what he did, Will walked quietly with Tayna and Andrel to the librarian's desk, returning their keys, which he was still interested to use on another day. They left the warm confines of the library and headed out into the long corridor, lit brightly by the afternoon sun. As they turned into one of the narrow stairwells, Tayna made sure nobody could see, then transformed herself back to normal. It had looked strange when she was telling Will about the Twins' parents, disguised as Marinia, it was as if it had really been her, and she'd confided in Will her darkest secret.

'There, that's better,' smiled Tayna, back to normal. 'Remember what I said, try and be nice.'

'You know, sometimes you can be really annoying,' said Andrel,

'Hey, nobody's around, and I'm not Marinia anymore,' she smiled, 'tell it to the real one.'

'I wasn't talking about Marinia,' he grumbled, earning another purposeful slap.

The End

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