Chapter XIII: Elementum Spiritus (12/13)Mature

What?' Andrel and Will both exclaimed, looking at her with disbelief. 'You're not serious, Tayna?' added Andrel, 'this is Marinia and Valda. They've made our lives a misery for months now, and all of a sudden you want us to call a truce.'

Tayna held up her hands placatingly. 'Just hear me out. What I realised reading about all that was that there are a lot of people outside the Sanctuary that want to hurt us. You heard what Mrs Calibrase said, Paradam created the Orbis to protect all of the students, including us. There's a reason why he virtually smuggled us out of our estates to bring us here, or why our parents have made sure that none of the press know we're out and about. It's all to protect us. We've got so much trouble going on outside, why should we be fighting inside? Marinia and Valda are just as scared as us, even if they don't show it. We need to stick together.'

'As moving as that sentiment is, Tayna,' interjected Andrel, 'I have a feeling that the Twins won't want to shake hands and picnic with us around the camp fire. Maybe you both if they were forced to, but me? Not a chance, they didn't like me from the beginning when they found out you were friends with a "commoner." Then they found out I was half-human, and have wanted to skin me since then.'

'That just means they're stuck in their ways. The Mellicits have never been enthusiastic about humans, it's a known fact that their spiritual readings are a lot lower than in magi. There were reports that being around just humans practically drained them of their powers, and the last thing a royal would want is to feel powerless. Marinia and Valda have only known what their parents told them...'

Once more, Will's mind was filled with questions about the Twins' parents. It bothered him that he knew nothing else than that they died on the same day, but he had a feeling that Tayna knew, she seemed to know a lot about practically everything.

'Tayna...' he said nervously, 'I wanted to ask, the Spirit book said that their parents died. Do you - do you know anything about that?'

It became clear that Andrel knew too, both of them flinched with the memory and looked at each other glumly. 'It's not -,' said Tayna, tripping over her words, 'it's not something that anybody likes to talk about. The royal families think it's such a tragedy, and some even think it's....shameful.'


'It's because...Ilya and Aston killed themselves, Will.'

The End

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