Chapter XIII: Elementum Spiritus (7/13)Mature

He saw how she was dressed identically to Marinia, the hem of her skirt brushing the lacy tops of her stockings, her shirt two buttons undone to show the curve of her breasts. In appearance, they were identical, yet Will could have sworn that there were flecks of gold in her green eyes. Will was pleased for a moment, revelling in the uncanny similarities, until he remembered the "Disenchantment Powder". 

'Oh,' said the librarian, looking surprised. 'Miss Marinia, I never saw you come in.'

'I'll forgive you for that,' she replied, nastily narrowing her eyes. 'Now, as I said, I want my key.' Will had to give Tayna her due, she knew how to impersonate somebody. The librarian reached for a handful of powder, and Will gasped as she threw it towards her, but just in time, Tayna leapt back. 'What are you doing?' she hissed.

'It's - it's standard protocol, Miss Marinia,' the librarian stammered, Will couldn't believe it - she was afraid of Marinia.

Tayna smirked just as she would, full of maniacal prospect and arrogance. 'Listen here. My family - the Mellicits - are the most influential family in Maegard. If you looked deep enough, I'm sure that your working-class relatives would be found working for mine. In light of that, I suggest you think carefully about what you accuse me of.' She leant over the desk, glaring angrily and whispering, 'do we have an understanding?'

The librarian's voice seemed choked in her throat as she answered, 'o - of course! My deepest apologies, Miss Marinia. Please, take your key.'

Tayna snatched the silver key, decorated with twisting metal like fabric, forming a loose 'M' and twitched back to the Elemental section. She made sure to give Will a horrid look as he followed, but it was clear that she was suppressing a smile just as much as he was.

The End

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