Chapter XIII: Elementum Spiritus (4/13)Mature

'So,' Mrs Calibrase continued, 'as you know, this is your Folklore and Myth class, where I shall be teaching you all about the stories of the world out there -,' she took her cane and pointed to the window, 'not the world in here,' she walked to the front row and prodded Pyrus in the forehead. 'Although, I'm sure you'd like it to be the other way around.'

Despite Mrs Calibrase's approach to teaching, everybody enjoyed her lectures. Learning about folklore and myths was sometimes jokingly called 'story-time', but Will felt immersed in the tales of centuries ago. He'd been so unaware of the world of magick, and even when Tayna and Andrel complained of hearing the tales too many times, Will felt himself imagining the characters as if they were real, and as Mrs Calibrase reminded him, they very well could have been.

'Even though we have little evidence to suggest that the figures in our folklore tales were real, it is just as true to say we have little evidence to suggest they don't. We preserve as much of history as we can, but the lives of the past survive in many different forms, some in objects, others in stories, like the ones that I have taught you.'

A girl on Will's row raised her hand excitedly and asked, 'are there any stories about the Sanctuary?'

Mrs Calibrase smiled approvingly at the question, 'well, let me think. As you can probably tell, this castle is very old indeed, and it was not always the Sanctuary. Before it was our residence, it was believed to have been a place of worship, a hospital, even a castle for a great noble. Principal Paradam is, of course, descended from the ten great knights, the surviving families of which form the Tetractys. This castle was left in Paradam's ancestor's care, and it remained unused for a long time. Of course, very few know that this castle still exists, there are several cloaking enchantments to hide us from sight, including the Orbis.'

The children looked at each other with confusion, Mrs Calibrase cocked an eyebrow, 'you do not know of the Orbis?' They shook their heads, 'my, my, I suppose I should tell you then. The Orbis is Paradam's greatest invention, a shield which keeps any trespassers away. This castle is indeed far in the South, but to anybody walking around the perimeter of the Orbis, they would see abandoned, castle ruins. It is a feat in magickal defence, very powerful and consuming I may add. The energy source needed is incredibly rare, you should all feel very lucky.'

'Paradam did that for us?' asked Pyrus, his eyes round in disbelief.

'Well, of course,' Mrs Calibrase smiled, 'you would do no less to protect the ones you care about.'

The End

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